3 Healthcare Jobs You Can Get With a Public Health Degree

A career in public health is fulfilling and rewarding. It’s a field of healthcare where you can find jobs in both the public and private sectors. Public health differs from other healthcare services in a way that it’s more so about serving the community. People who work in the public health industry typically use science as a means of improving safety and educating local populations about healthy lifestyles. It involves organized efforts to emphasize disease prevention and protect the public from exposure. It’s all about a community effort in improving longevity and making your neighborhood a safe and healthy environment to live and thrive. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in public health, then you may want to learn about the jobs and roles you can work once you’ve obtained your education. Here are three healthcare jobs you can get with a public health degree.

1. Health Educator

When you have a public health degree, you can become a health educator and educate communities about different healthcare services. You can even work in the world of healthcare travel. Just use FusionMarketplace.com to find travel jobs. The platform allows you to search for different healthcare jobs throughout multiple staffing agencies. You get more transparency about the details of your contract and have the ability to apply for jobs quickly by creating a traveler profile. When it comes to being a healthcare traveler, you can utilize Fusion Marketplace in order to find the ideal health educator job for you. The creators of the platform know how to help you take charge of your career. That’s why they created a marketplace for you to get a better idea of the types of jobs that are available out there for healthcare travelers.

2. Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental health specialists typically educate clients and enforce sanitation protocols. They examine food and water in different facilities in order to ensure that the public is consuming it publicly. A specialist from a public health organization may also investigate any environmental hazards, including hazardous and infectious waste. They’ll look over sewage and other potential hazards. If you’re interested in pursuing a career like this, then you’ll want to look at public health degrees online. A public health education requires a degree program that goes over public health concerns such as pandemic infectious disease, new threats to the environment, and helping prolong life in different communities.

3. Health Communication Specialist

A health communication specialist helps people with health literacy. This refers to learning more about improving their health, applying dosage instructions, and learning about label information. They act as both a navigator and an educator by helping patients improve their wellness. The role typically involves helping patients with chronic medical conditions. That way, they can learn more about how their diagnosis changes their body and how they need to commit to their treatment in order to avoid potential risks. They also help people lower the chances of developing specific diseases. Communication specialists develop public service announcements in order to educate the public about health issues. They also assess past and current public messaging to ensure that future campaigns are more effective. A communication specialist will even host workshops and classes to educate the public about specific diseases and how to make better health choices.

These were just three of the many occupations you can pursue after obtaining a degree in public health. You can even become an infectious disease specialist, a data analyst, or even a disaster preparedness coordinator. Other fields to explore involve public policy, nutrition, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Consider becoming a health professional and start working toward your dream career.

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