About Us

e Live Story is a magazine site for authors, writers and engaged readers who want to share their story with the world. We are more than just a news website, we are a multi-user content publishing platform designed for writers and readers. All creative writers who have some amazing pieces written can use e Live Story to share their work. You are welcome to use our online publication for publishing your intellectuals too. There are few areas which elivestory cover with more emphasize such as


Business is one of that key which helps us to be successful in life. To gain a successful position in this time business is the most suitable way to adopt. A right business plan can offer you a better life also.


Through elivestory, I like to share all those things that I like to wear in my regular days. Being fashionable and trendy keep updated to us, the latest outfits that are available.


Technology is an essential part of our life. Without technology, we will not able to experience the innovations that can bring change in our life. Thus, I live to share all the latest information related to technology through this blog.

Social Media:

Social media is a platform that helps us to connect with people every day. Through this blog, we are trying to share new aspects of social media to each group’s people.We like to share each writer’s intellectuality and their way of expressing a note through the story.



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