A fur blanket for your kid’s creativity and dreams

Do you have kids? And you’re still somehow figuring out how to make them happy, raise them smart and with good work ethics, how to keep from spoiling them, and also raise them with compassion and empathy? Raising a child can feel like one of the most difficult tasks out there and that is exactly why there’s so much advice out there, too. Everyone has an opinion, and lots of people would be more than happy to disagree with yours right now. They get protective of their kids and nobody wants to admit if they’ve been making mistakes around their children.

We don’t want to talk about right or wrong, but just about the importance of creativity in a kid’s life.

The intelligent child

We all want our children to be smart, let’s be honest. But that seems like such a difficult task at hand, especially if we’re not sure if intelligence can be taught. But there has been a lot of research regarding creativity and intelligence, and creative kids tend to have really strong and well-developed brains, which is why those things are commonly associated.

So do your kid a favor and work with them on their creativity. Even telling them a story or them reading a book can make a big difference. But also playing games – not digitally, but more like roleplaying games – can help your kids so much with developing their creativity. Don’t feel weird about it, because you’re their parent. Dress up with your children and come up with a story. Pretend to be kings or knights or mermaids or whatever you can wrap your heads around. Have fun with this, and allow your kids to dig deep with this.

This can be so cheap, too. Just grab a fur blanket as a cape, or even your throw blanket will do.

Give it all a try

Let your kids try out anything they can get their hands on. Go on walks, dress up, try cooking and baking, drawing, dancing, any form of sports. The more your children see and experience from a young age, the more it will develop their brains and help with their creativity.

Later in life, they will have to make decisions about what they like most and which activities they want to stick with, but you should give them all possible chances and opportunities. Don’t decide for your kids, but let them explore. This world is like a playground and there is so infinitely much to do, your children will never stop exploring.

This is great. Exploration and creativity, especially when combined, will help your kids to expand their minds and also grow as a person. They will become really smart, and seeing a lot will also really help with empathy and compassion.

Say yes to them. This has nothing to do with spoiling your kid. If they want to try a new thing, strongly encourage this. It will help them in their later life and will make for strong, resistant people.

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