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By Sarah Jay

Omgflix as you may have guessed is a streaming platform just like Netflix. However, all of its content is free to watch and it includes movies and series from all streaming websites. The website is easy to use as well and you do not need to sign up. There is no need to download an app as it is a website. But you can do so if you wish for a more personalized experience.

Even when you have subscribed to a number of streaming platforms. There is always a chance that a new movie is coming out to a platform you are not subscribed to. It does not make sense to subscribe to a streaming service just to watch a single movie. This is where such sites can be of help.

In order to learn how to access the website, how to start watching movies with it, and what the risks of utilizing such a site are, continue reading if you’re seeking a website just like this one.

Overview of Omgflix

As we mentioned above you can use this website to stream movies for free. The user interface of Omgflix is simple and useful. When you first open it you will see a hamburger menu at the upper left corner of the screen. By clicking it you will see options such as home, genre, country, movies, tv shows, top IMDb, and Android app. You can click on the plus sign to expand the genre and country. There you will see a lot of options have appeared so pick the one you want or go back to the homepage.


A search bar is located in the center of the homepage, just below the website’s logo. Even better, use the upper right corner to log in. Nevertheless, logging in is not required. You can see a little sentence describing what they do if you stoop a little. You will see the most popular movies and television shows as you scroll further down. Moreover, you might be shocked to learn that even paid applications are lacking such the newest movies.

When you keep on scrolling you will discover they have different categories for movies and tv shows. They also have a list of upcoming movies and series and at the bottom, there is again a text explaining what they do. All the movies include their plot, release date, and IMDB score.

How to access the website and watch its content?

There are no complicated steps to access this website. It is as simple as using genuine apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. The steps to access and watch include:

  • Open a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Brave on your preferred device be it a desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Since it is a website it works on all devices and browsers.
  • The next thing you need to do is search for omgflix in google or directly visit
  • The website should look like what we mentioned in the overview above. You can scroll and look for it if it’s something that came out recently. Alternatively, you can directly search for it.
  • Once you find it just click on it and you will have two options to play. A play button in the middle of the player or the watch now option which is below the player.
  • You have multiple servers to choose from and you can even download the movie if you wish. You can switch on subtitles adjust qualities and play it in Picture in Picture Mode.

What are its advantages?

The website has many advantages which you will not find even in paid genuine streaming platforms. They include:

  1. The first advantage is obviously the fact that the website is completely free. There is no need to sign up or limit to how many movies you can stream.
  2. Secondly, the website has more than 10000 titles and new titles are added every day.
  3. You have useful categories and may even select your favorite genre and your region.
  4. You get information about the movie along with its IMDB score.
  5. There are no annoying advertisements and pop-ups. However, when you pause the content there is a small ad that you can simply close.
  6. There are multiple servers to choose from and you can even download the movie for free.
  7. You can play Picture in Picture mode, choose quality, add to your favorite, comment, watch the trailer and even share the video. You get suggestions based on the movie you are watching.
  8. They even have an android app which is rare for such sites.

Is this site safe?

As you can see in the paragraph above there are so many advantages but there are certain things you must know before you start using a site. Like is this site safe? Will it steal my data or damage my device?

Piracy Concerns

So, to answer these questions we need to check certain things. Firstly by now you must have understood that Omgflix’s content is pirated. It includes movies and series from all major streaming apps so they obviously do not have the rights. It is not possible to own the rights of such big titles. Also, it includes certain movies which just released and its currently available in CAM quality. This also promotes piracy.

Legal Concerns

You will notice such websites often change their domain and the reason for that is they get banned by the government authorities. Downloading or streaming from such sites are highly illlegal so better stay away from such sites.

Safety Concerns

Such sites are notorious for trying to steal your data or hack you device. Even though your browsers show it as a secured website. There is only one way to stay from such sites and that is to stay away from them. We always recommend using genuine apps.

Should you use such a site?

This is a subjective question and depends on your usage. If you are willing to take risk then you may use Omgflix to watch movies for free. It has all the latest movies and series and it even shows the episode number in the thumbnail itself. There are lots of benefits but there is also a possibility of losing your data. It looks safe but we can not recommend it. However, if you must use then considering using a VPN.

We do not recommend using such websites as they are illegal and for saving a few dollars you might be risking alot. So use genuine streaming apps so that your data and credit card information will remain secure.


So we believe we covered everything on Omgflix in this post. You must have a clear idea if the website is for you or not. We explained in detail the overview of the website and provided steps to access and watch. You now know its advantages and its concerns. The usage is totally on you. It has all the content, it’s easy to use, and is free but such sites always have security concerns.

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