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Kanye West Net Worth represents $400 million following the 2023 report in May. This is as per the report of Forbes. The net worth of West had fallen from $2 billion. In 2022, when Adidas along with different firms had severed the connections with the rapper after their comments of anti-semitic type. The behavior is somewhat offensive in nature. There are beautiful songs which touch the heart of the listener. In the article of elivestory, we will talk about Kanye West net worth.

Now, we are going to talk about the earning of Kanye West from music.

Earning of Kanye West from Music

While exploring Kanye West net worth, we have found the catalog of music of West had created roughly $13.25 million as royalty every year. West had a share of earnings of $5 million according to the information from Billboard. West is proud to be a part of a brand of shapewear of Kim Kardashian named Skims. There is a stake of 5%. While the value of Skims is around $128 million.

Kanye West had shared racist and antisemitic comments. The companies who finished their collaboration include Balenciaga, a designer and GAP, a brand of clothing. The partnership came to an end. It is as per the report of Women’s Wear Daily. West had found to be using a t-shirt where it is written “White Lives Matter.” It was found in 2022 at the Paris Fashion Week.  It has been published in the journal named People.

After a few months, the partnership with Kanye West was closed by Adidas. There is a launch of Yeezy sneakers on behalf of the company. The goal is to sell the final part of the inventory. There is a tie-up with West which is defunct right now.

Now, we are going to talk about the effect of the collaboration of Kanye West with Adidas.

Effect of Collaboration of Kanye West with Adidas

Ye is the new name of Kanye West. Around 10 years ago, there was a collaboration with Adidas. The joint effort with Kanye West closed in October 2022. Yeezy sneakers had gained popularity. The sales of West had stopped. The reason is the comment of antisemitic nature. As per the report of  The Wall Street Journal, the final stock of Yeezy Sneakers of Adidas is greater than $1 billion. According to the website of Adidas, there is a part of Yeezy sales, which was shared with the organizations for social welfare.

Now, we will discuss the royalty earned from the music as reported in the news of Billboard and People.

Exploring The Royalty in Music from News of Billboard and People

According to the catalog of music of West, there are songs which help him earn around $13.25 million for sharing royalties annually. West had a share of income for around $5 million every year. This is based on the report of Billboard. West had launched 12 albums in the studio for the job. It had gained $31 million and it was obtained from Yeezus. Kanye West net worth has been $51 million on behalf of Yeezus along with the Saint Pablo Tours as per the report of People. 

Now, we are going to talk about the research on investment and cash of Kanye West.

Researching on Investments and Cash of Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West net worth was roughly $100 million in terms of liquid investment and cash. This is based on the report of Forbes. West had been the owner of 5% stake for a shapewear brand of Kim Kardashian, the previous wife. The approximate worth of Skims is $128 million, which has been based on the report of Forbes. The Skims of Kardashian had a rough value of $3.2 billion following the data of 2022 January.

Next, we will discuss about the real estate of Kanye West.

Exploring The Real Estate of Kayne West Net Worth

The value of the portfolio of real estate in the West has a value of millions of dollars. He is the owner of properties having a high price. They are present in Belgium, Wyoming and California.

As per the report of 2020, the group of West had shared their ideas with Forbes about the rapper whose worth is  $81 million. It includes the buildings. The total value of his land showed Kanye West net worth as $21 million. At Wyoming, there are two ranches of Kanye West. As per the report of Forbes, the total value of ranches is $14 million.

Kanye West net worth showed that the estate at Hidden Hills whose value is  $60 million.  West and the ex-wife are the owner of this estate. Kardashian is the present owner. There is a $4.5 million house of West near the house of Kardashian. As per the report of People, the purchase was made in 2021. West had purchased a property on the beachfront in 2021 whose value was greater than $57 million. As per the opinion of TMZ, the house needs to be repaired as it is gutted. It could not be finished in the summer last time.

The character of West involves different aspects and they are innovative, complex and charming. There are some sort of psychiatric problems. He had come across several problems at the professional and personal level.

Next, we are going to talk about the record of Forbes about Kanye West net worth.

Kanye West Net Worth as per The Record of Forbes

Kanye West Net Worth had been around $2 billion. Adidas had consumed $1.5 billion out of $2 billion. The net worth had been approximately $400 million following the record of the reputed journal named Forbes. The partnership was canceled by the brand from Germany.

Next, we are going to talk about revenue sharing of Adidas with Kanye West.

The Distribution of Revenue of Adidas with Kanye West

As per the report published in Forbes, West had earned $220 million every year. He had made a joint venture with a reputed firm named Adidas. We need to investigate the earnings from the reputed firm named Adidas. It should be as per the record of 25th October, 2022. We are going to think about the open antisemitism or hospitality or prejudice against people of Jewish community.

Adidas had made a great remark. He did not withstand the hospitality of the Jewish community. It could be other forms of speech showing hatred. Ye had shared some feedback recently. The company had checked it.

The firm is going to end the business ties with Ye instantly. The final production of the branded products of  Yeezy. It will control the payments for Ye along with the companies. Adidas is going to control the business of Adidas Yeezy right now!

Next, we are going to discuss the royalty of Kanye West from Adidas.

The Royalty of Kanye West from A Reputed Company Adidas

As per Forbes, Kanye West net worth has been $1.5 billion. According to Adidas, in 2022, the income had dropped considerably. As per the outlet, there is an income from Adidas. It is close to the artists showing legacy and the examples are Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. There wereroyalties earned from the record of the music.

Next, we are going to talk about the earning of Kanye from Yeezy.

Exploring The Revenue of Kanye West from The Clothing Brand Yeezy

As per the report of The Washington Post, the firm named Yeezy had purchased around $2 billion every year in terms of earning for a reputed firm like Adidas. This is prior to the end of contract with Kanye West. This is around 10 percent of the total yearly revenue of the company.

As per the record of Forbes, we have given permission for exploring the document of finance of Ye. Kanye West had a clothing brand known as Yeezy. It is a major part of the net worth. In 2020, there is a revenue showing Kanye West net worth around $1.3 billion in earnings. You will get precise information on the earnings of the West. It is not clear at all. There is an estimation that West had earned around 11 percent. Recently, West had earned $143 million.

Next, we are going to talk about Kanye West who is the highest earning musician in the world of hiphop.

Kanye West – Highest Earning Musician in Hip-Hop

The catalog of music of Kanye West consists of personal releases. He has created music for other people and it consists of classics. The examples are The Blueprint and the label of G.O.O.D. Music. The value of this label established Kanye West net worth around $90 million. In the world of Hip-hop, he became the person who got the highest payment in 2019. In 2020, he became the musician who got the highest payment of approximately $170 million.

Next, we will discuss the vital facts of earning of Kanye West from Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak, and The Life of Pablo

Important Facts on Earning of Kanye West from 808s & Heartbreak and Others

  • In the sales of the album named Graduation, the total number of copies sold by Kanye is 6 million.
  • The earning from 808s & Heartbreak is greater than 3 million copies.
  • The magnum opus of West is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had sold greater than 1.7 million copies.
  • The earning from Yeezus is approximately 1 million copies.
  • The total number of copies is more than 2 million. The name of the work is The Life of Pablo. It has been found that there is a leakage of 500,000 copies. The download was not legal before the launch of the album. Kanye West net worth is around $10 million.

Finally, we will share our opinion in the conclusion.


The real name of Ye is Kanye Omari West. His date of birth is 8th June, 1977. He had acquired recognition as singer and rapper. He had worked as a record producer. He had experience of being a fashion designer. He had written his own songs. He has been regarded as a popular personality in the world of hip hop. He adopted different styles of music. He had created a polarity of the commentary based on politics and cultural aspects. According to the report, Kanye West net worth has been approximately $1.5 billion.

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