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Internet service changes the lives of people. In the modern world the internet users searching paths to get the easiest ways to download the latest release content without paying anything. 1377x is one of the best online video downloading websites. Here anyone can download their favorite movies, news, TV series, music, software, games, etc., without paying anything. We all know that to entertain people there are numerous search engines available and l337x or 1337tx is one of the best of them. 1337x is an easily downloadable and magnet link generator of torrent files.

It is known to all that the biggest platforms like Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Premium, etc. are in OTP streaming service. Those platforms restrict the accessing of the latest release TV shows, movies, web series until you subscribe to the monthly premium plan.

At present time, most users aren’t interested to subscribe the plan with spending money, they need free sites. For them 1377x.to or 1377x is the best platform to download software, movies, TV shows, games, apps, web series, etc.

#What is 1377x?

1377x is a type of BitTorrent website that offers a manual magnet link and torrent files. Downloading anything with illegal ways and BitTorrent follows that illegal protocol. As indicated by the Torrent Fleak blog, it was the second most famous site in 2021. This website is available in all countries.

1377x.to, l337x, 1337tx Movies, Download Torrents

BitTorrent acts as the main center of the torrents from where the internet users or downloaders easily search, upload, and share any torrent files. This file is an informal name for a peer-to-peer transfer of big files. It is globally well known that illegal file sharing and online piracy is cyber-crime. Online piracy is an illegal act that reproducing and distributing digital files like TV shows, movies, web series, games, etc. over the internet.

1377x was founded in 2007 and increase the popularity in 2016. The growth of Alexa rank makes this site one of the biggest and most famous torrent sites. In 2016 the month of October, this site added new functions and features. To avoid Google blocking it changed its original domain name. Below are some details about l337x:

Website: l337x or 1337tx or 1377x.to or 1377x.

Daily visitors: over 411289

Monthly visitors: over 12 million.

The percentage of Indian audience is in high of that site. 32.6% of users use 1377x torrent site, 8.9% are Pakistani users and Italy stays at the 3rd position taking 4.7%. The website is still working and active. There is most male user visit this website than female users.

#Features of 1377x Torrent:

1. Track movies:

Tracking various types of movies is one of the great features of this site. The users can find out their favorite movies, TV shows, apps, software easily. From Hollywood to Tollywood, every type of movie is available here. There are also multiple choices of movies available with various qualities.

2. Lock screen control:

The lock screen control is available for that site. You can simply lock this site to maintain your privacy. When you want to unlock then you able to do that.

3. Multi categories:

There are numerous options of categories of your choices. You can easily select your favorite one and download that.

1377x Proxy

4. Great design:

The website design is so attractive and genuine. Very smooth user friendly. There are 3 servers’ options for torrent download with magnet links. The overall development and design of that site are perfect for the users. This website provides a comment section.

5. Good quality:

The video quality of that site is too good. You can select the quality you want to download. From Mp4 to HD quality movies’ videos are also available. The qualities of music are amazing with great sound quality.

6. Download speed:

As there are multiple servers and direct magnet links to download torrent, so the speed of downloading is mesmerizing. It takes too short a time to download big files. There are also mobile-friendly download options.

7. Uniqueness:

This site is for those persons who want to avoid monthly subscriptions and spend money to entertain them. The uniqueness of l337x amazed the users with the latest and updated content like movies, shows, series, apps, etc. Also, the easy accessing feature attracts the users.

8. User-friendly UI interface:

1377x.to torrents have one of the best user-friendly UI interfaces that make this website stand out from other search engines of torrent. As we all know that the best design can give the best experience to users.

9. Fewer ads:

At the present day, internet users avoid watching ads and there are lots of display ads on other sites. The unwanted ads visible are the worst experience of users. From this site you get a different experience as while you accessing the 1337tx website, you never bored with the unexpected ads.

#How To Download Content From 1337x?

Here, I gonna show you the easiest paths of downloading content from 1377x.to with step-by-step guidance. So don’t delay. Let’s continue to read:

Step 1: Open your web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Google, Mozilla, Uc Browser any one of them. Then search for the site 1377x.

1377x Proxy


Step 2: when you open that website, you can notice that a long search bar available on the middle option of that website. From that search bar option, you can type your favorite movies, software applications, music, games, etc. If you don’t want to search here then go to the footer option of the site to find the categories.


Step 3: if you are searching for particular movies then type and search. Here you can get many suggestions of your related search terms.


Step 4: after all that, clicking on your favorite videos, the page will be redirect to the magnet download option.

1377x Proxy

Step 5: Then click on the magnet download section and a dialogue box will appear with two options one is “open Bittorrent” and “Cancel”.

Step 6: if you want to start the download process then you need to click on the “BitTorrent Option”. Next, click on the “Ok” button for starting the download.

#Is 1377x a legal website?

With the above-mentioned information, you must know all about that site and clarification of the question is 1377x a legal website? There are various sites that are banned by the government to reduce piracy and trespassing activities. The streaming service of peer-to-peer transferring, sharing content through BitTorrent is violating the copyright law. Sharing and downloading unlicensed content is always against to law and illegal activities. And that’s why this site is totally illegal.

#Is interfacing 1377x safe?

1377x is one of the best useful platforms for people who want to torrent search engines. But if we think overall the facts then simply say that using l337x isn’t safe.

Since many internet users transfer and download content on websites like 1377x, you will undoubtedly discover records that have malware connected to them. Lots of different dangers in it, for example, copyright savages, law implementation specialists, and other outsiders who think of it as their obligation to watch torrent sites for copyright-ensured content. During the time spent doing as such, they additionally watch out for any activities on the site.

They can able to identify who is uploading content from that site. The users can be caught by them and they may send them individually later. And for copyright trolls, they might demand money. If you are thinking that there are many ways that help to rescue you from that then you are wrong. You may fall into a problem as internet service providers and malware are looking at your online activities.

To avoid these you should use a VPN service that secures you’re all your activities and keeps your information safe. Using VPN you can visit any website and download from their any content.

#25 Most Popular Games on 1377x:

1. Ashwalkers (v1.0.0.1, MULTi6)
2. TimeShift (v1.2 + MULTi7)
3. Diablo 2 Resurrected Alpha
4. Cutthroat Cove-PLAZA
5. Doom 1+2+3 BFG Edition v1.0.3
6. Don’t Be Afraid v1 002-DINOByTES
7. Bloody Sand The Gods of Assyria-PLAZA
8. Swords of Edo Kinetic Novel-DARKZER0
9. Mr. Prepper v14.04.2021
10. War on the Sea v1.08d2
11. Portal.Defect.REPACK-KaOs
12. Subnautica: Below Zero
13. Voxel Tycoon v0.85
14. Northgard v2.4.23.21004
15. Subnautica v67755
16. Broken Reality v1 84-DINOByTES
17. Per Aspera v1.
18. Democracy 4 v1.26
19. Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited v1.0.7
20. Secrets of Grindea v18.04.2021
21. Stranded Deep v0.78.03
22. Teardown v0.7
23. Youtubers Life v1.6.3
24. Calico v1 0 5-DINOByTES
25. Domina v1.2.88

Games on 1377x

#List of available 1377x torrents mirrors, as well as proxy websites:

Below are official and unofficial proxy websites for 1377x:
• https://1337xto.to
• https://1337x.unblockall.org
• https://x1337x.ws
• https://1337x.unblocked.nz
• https://1337x.io
• http://ww1.1337x.unblocked.cab
• 1337x.gd
• https://1337x.bypassed.st
• https://1337x.to
• 1337x.am
• https://1337x.org
• https://1337x.unblocked.bet
• 1337x.tw
• https://1337x.unblocker.cc
• https://1337x.st
• http://www.1337x.pl

#30 Most Popular Movies On 1337x or 1377x.to:

1. Godzilla.vs.Kong.2021
2. Roohi (2021)
3. Nobody.2021.
4. Mumbai Saga (2021)
5. Justice.League.Snyders.Cut.2021
6. The.Marksman.2021
7. Udaan (2021)
8. Chaos.Walking.2021
9. The.Courier.2021
10. V (2021)
11. Breast Tax (2021)
12. Thunder.Force.2021
13. The Bigbull (2021)
14. Ajeeb Daastaans (2021)
15. Vanquish.2021
16. Hello Charlie (2021)
17. Meri Padosan (2021)
18. The.Dry.2021
19. Possessed Love (2021)
20. Third Eye (2021)
21. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)
22. The.Father.2021
23. Enforcement.2021
24. Raat Baaki Hai (2021)
25. Bram.Stokers.Van.Helsing.2021
26. Madam Chief Minister (2021)
27. Silence Can You Hear It 2021
28. Chaos.Walking.2021
29. Doors.2021
30. Take.Back.2021

Movies On 1337x or 1377x.to

#Alternative Websites for 1377x or 1377x.to:

• LimeTorrents
• The Pirate Bay
• Kickass Torrents
• Nyaa
• Crunchy Roll
• Veoh
• Movierulz

#FAQ Frequently asked questions about 1377x:

Q. Is 1377x Working?
Ans: Yes, 1337x is technically working, but the problem is that not everyone able to access it. Sometimes, it gets blocked or erased off.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of 1377x.to Proxy?
Ans: It has a trending torrent section, large numbers of its own torrents, totally ads-free, short search results, has links with other popular torrent sites, and convenient visualization. All are the advantages of that site.

Q. What are the Disadvantages of 1377x.to site?
Ans: No division of music section sometimes gets blocked, not all can able to access, feel un-secure to use this site, libraries don’t work properly, less user activity of some section.

Q. Why is l337x not working in my country?
Ans: In many countries 1337x is banned but sometimes this accessible. Google also bans this website for copyright issues. So, for this reason, it is not working in your country.

Q. How To Unblock 1377x Proxy?
Ans: As many countries banned this site so the users are unable to access it. But don’t worry I show you how to unblock the 1337tx proxy with details. VPN service is useful to access or unblock this. There are lots of alternate proxies available.


At the end of this content, I hope I able to give all information about 1377x. The use of this torrent site is increasing day by day. But keep in mind that it is safe to visit this site using a VPN service. You can also check out the alternatives of the 1337x site. So, let’s enjoy fast downloading speed without spending money and unwanted display ads. Share files or watch at your time.

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