10 Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips you’ll Love

Your helmet is perhaps the most vital piece of safety equipment, which can protect you in case of a road mishap. However, purchasing a good-quality helmet can be a bit of an investment. This is why it becomes important for you to take proper care of this gear.

Mentioned below are the top 10 tips you can follow to take care of your helmet and ensure it lasts for a longer time:

Handle Your Gear with Care

You should always treat your helmet with care. Note that frequently dropping your helmet from a height can cause damage, even though it might not be visible. Your helmet is designed to suffer impact throughout its surface. Each heavy impact can significantly hamper the competence of this motorcycle gear.

Use The Helmet Bag

While buying a helmet, the gear retailer must have provided a draw-string cover. You can use this cover to protect your helmet while not driving. It will keep your gear safe from any accidental damage.

Do Not Use Stickers

Some polycarbonates or thermoplastic helmets can suffer damage due to glue. You might not realise the importance of a helmet’s surface, but you would want as complete protection as possible in case of a road mishap. Moreover, using stickers may damage the helmet’s visual appearance.

Get Rid of Bugs

Since your helmet is made of a compact design, it can easily catch insects or bugs. This can not only damage the gear, but it is also dangerous for you. You can get rid of bugs from your helmet by wiping with a soft towel or tissue until the insects come off.

Avoid Furniture Polish

Most people use furniture polish to clean their helmets and visors. However, note that most furniture polish products contain petrochemicals, which can cause harm to polycarbonate or plastic helmets.

Keep The Gear Away from Fuel

You should always avoid placing your helmet near fuel, excessive heat or cleaning fluids. These can damage the materials used to construct your motorcycle’s helmet.

Keep Your Gloves Somewhere Else

Refrain from keeping your hand gloves inside the helmet when you are not driving. Your gloves might have traces of petrol, which can ruin the interior of your gear. Moreover, if your gloves are made with Velcro lining, it can mess up the inner material of your helmet. 

Use Water To Clean

Use only pure water to clean your helmet. If you want complete cleaning, you can use mild soap or helmet cleaning products. Note that harsh cleaning chemicals can damage a helmet’s protective coating.

Don’t Hang The Helmet On Bike’s Mirror

Constant hanging and friction can cause damage to the inner lining of your helmet. In addition, wind or any other mild impact can drop this gear, causing damage.

Buy A New One after Five Years

Most helmet manufacturers recommend changing the gear after every 5 years. However, if you have dropped it severely, consider changing the helmet immediately.

Apart from taking proper care of your helmet, you can also consider purchasing a helmet insurance plan. This plan offers financial coverage for any damage suffered by the helmet in case of an accident. Taking proper care of your motorcycle helmet is integral to maintaining its shine and ensuring its longevity. Follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your helmet properly. Pocket insurance plans like helmet insurance are need-based insurance products that extend adequate coverage for different financial requirements of life. One can conveniently avail it from reputed insurers and meet hefty expenses.

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