Zion Mixolydian Cannon – Who is his Twin Brother Zillion?

Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon are the recently born twin boys of celebrities Nick Cannon and De La Rosa. Nick is an actor, musician, singer, and producer. He is deemed the hottest young African American star.  He welcomed his second set of twins with Abby De La Rosa. She is a former radio personality and now has a successful career as a DJ.

These two are two of Nick Cannon’s ten kids, making them the fifth and sixth. Their sons were born on June 14th, 2021. On June 17th, 2021, their mother Abby De La Rosa uploaded a sweet video to Instagram while holding both of the babies in her arms. She shared the news with the sweet hashtags #twin boys and #my world.

In this article, we will tell you all about them who is he and his twin brother, his siblings, half-siblings, and also the relationship between his parents. Read on!

Who is Zion Mixolydian Cannon?

Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon are the twin children of famous celebrities Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa. Nick is one of the most famous TV hosts and has kids with celebrities like Mariah Carey and model Alyssa Scott. Nick and Abby will soon be welcoming their third child together. They recently posted a picture of their babymoon.

In a recent post when their parents took them on a trip to California, Zion and Zillion were spotted having fun. On the Palos Verdes Peninsula, to the South Coast Botanic Garden, they went. Abby uploaded numerous images and brief videos documenting their journey. In a butterfly-filled environment, the twins appear to be having a fantastic time.

Their mother described it as an outing she will remember forever and the 200 butterflies were nothing short of magical.

Who are his half-siblings?

Zion and Zillion are half-siblings of Nick Cannon’s first twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey. They are also half-siblings of brother Golden Sagon and sister Powerful Queen whose mother is Brittany Bell. Their newborn brother is Legendary Love and his mother is Bre Tiesi. They lost their baby brother who was just five months old. His name was Zen and he died after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2021. He was the son of model Alyssa Scott. However, they will be welcoming their sibling soon as their mother is pregnant for the second time. Nick will now be a parent to his eleventh child altogether.

Zion Mixolydian Cannon Biography

Full NameZion Mixolydian Cannon
Father’s NameNicholas Scott Cannon (Nick Cannon)
Mother’s NameAbby De La Rosa
Date of BirthJune 14th, 2021
Age1 year 4 months (as of Oct 2022)

How is the relationship between his parents?

Abby De La Rosa recently acknowledged that she was fully aware that Nick was not exclusively involved with her when they first started dating in a podcast. Even she was in relationships with other people, so she is aware of their lifestyle. Celebrities frequently start dating and then decide not to be committed from the very beginning.

We already discussed that Nick altogether has 11 children in total. More than eight of them are with his other partners. Abby asserted that she had never been pressed to date an entertainer or producer, in contrast to what everyone mistakenly believed on social media at first. She is aware that some people might not agree with her decisions and the way she maintains her relationship. She disagrees with them though. They seem to be excited to welcome their third child together.

Why does the relationship between their parents work?

Abby receives comments that Nick is just playing with her to which she responds that is he doing that. She clears allegations against her partner that dating multiple people does not mean Nick lack self-confidence. They knew each other for years before they started dating. She knew his view on relationships which she watched in interviews. She even knew that after his divorce from Mariah Carey, Nick was not ready to commit soon.

Even Nick has said that it is highly unlikely that he will be married again or commit to a relationship after his split. They are now in a very free and fun relationship. She does not consider Nick as his “boyfriend”. To describe him she calls him her child’s father and primary partner. She understands that this relationship is not forever and for now they are just excited to have their third baby together.


Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon are one of the most adorable twins in the entertainment world. They are half-siblings to the other adorable twins Monroe and Moroccan. They celebrated their first birthday with a trip to Disneyland with their parents. However, they looked adorable wearing mouse ears. 

Nick shared similarities between him and his son Zion. He even gave a shoutout to their mother calling her a superwoman and many nice things. He said he will take a mission to let his sons know how amazing their mother is. We cannot wait to see how these adorable twins grow up.

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