7 Tips to Keep Your Home Free Of Allergens

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If you suffer from allergies, you know that cutting out allergens in your environment is a great way to help alleviate your allergy symptoms. Allergens can also contribute to you feeling sick more often throughout the year. These seven tips can help keep your home free of pesky allergens that leave you sneezing and coughing. 


One of the easiest places for allergens to hide is dust, which is often made up of dirt and dander. If you keep your home free of dust by regularly cleaning off surfaces such as desks and countertops, you will see a considerable decrease in the amount of allergens in your home. 

Declutter your house to avoid dust finding its way into the cluttered areas of your house. You will also want to clean the dust off any surface where you see a layer of dust starting to form, including areas that may be high and hard to reach. 


Your bed can be a place that stores many allergens. Creating an allergen-free bedroom should start with a hypoallergenic mattress (https://myessentia.ca/products/tatami). Having a mattress or mattress cover made to avoid allergens is a great way to avoid sleeping on allergens all night long. 

You should also wash your sheets and other bedding regularly. You should wash it regularly in hot water to get rid of dead skin cells and other allergens. 

Keep your home free of mold

Mold can creep into your home in many different ways. Anytime there is a moist area, such as a wet spot on a carpet or rug, mold can begin to grow. You will want to regularly check for mold around your house, especially if you live in a humid area. 

If you let mold grow, it can cause many allergy symptoms, so if you find mold in your house, eliminate it as soon as possible. Make sure to prevent mold by cleaning off excess moisture on floors and walls.  

Clean up pet hair

If you own a pet, it is easy for their hair to get all over your house and cause allergies. You should regularly clean pet hair off your furniture, clothing, and floor. If you are concerned about how much pet hair is in your house, you could also opt to keep your pet in a safe outdoor environment more frequently or train them not to sit on furniture like your couch or bed. 

Pet hair can carry a lot of dander and cause dust to form. To properly keep your home free of allergens, you should limit the amount of shedding by grooming your pet properly, cutting their fur, and bathing them. 


You should vacuum your house regularly, with a good vacuum with a properly working filter. Flooring can store hair and dust that causes allergies, and so by keeping the floors clean, you help eliminate some of these allergens. A central vacuum system may be a good solution if you want to ensure a high-quality vacuum solution.

Vacuuming your floors is a great idea, but you should also ensure that you vacuum your furniture. 

Clean curtains and blinds

Blinds and curtains are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your home, but if you want to reduce allergens, you should make sure they keep clean. Washing your curtains can help reduce dust and hair that gets caught in the fabric. Be sure to wash them as directed to avoid any damage. 

You should regularly dust off your blinds and ensure they are not storing dust that can be spread anytime you adjust the lighting in your home. Dusting blinding with a duster and then going over them with a damp cloth helps keep your home clean and allergen-free. 

Change your air filter

Your air conditioning system can be a looked over culprit of allergens. Air systems contain filters that people can often forget to change, but the filter will store dust and dirt from the air, and if it is left alone for too long will stop filtering the air, and you can be left breathing in the dusty air. Replacing your AC filter is a great way to reduce and prevent home allergies.

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Allergens can be all over your home, but following these seven tips can leave your home feeling clean and allergy-free.

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