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A number of people are becoming increasingly interested in how to save money around the home. One of the ways you can do so is by reducing energy consumption by switching to ENERGY STAR® certified products like dishwashers, washer and dryers, and window units.

This certification is government-backed and meant to help consumers make smart decisions when purchasing new appliances and windows and doors for their homes. When people see the ENERGY STAR logo/symbol, they can rest assured that the product follows government-set standards for energy-efficiency and is made with the environment in mind.


When you buy new windows that are ENERGY STAR certified you will be investing in a product that will help you lower energy bills, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect your home as well as make it a more comfortable place to live.

Save Money

Certified windows and sliding doors can reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by an average of 12%. Replacing single-pane units can save you around $101 to $583 and reduce carbon output by 1,006 to 6,205 pounds of CO2(equivalent to 51 to 317 gallons of gasoline).

The colder the environment you live in, the more likely you are to save money, as certified units are designed and manufactured with a quality seal that keeps the cold out and heat in.

Get Comfortable

Not only do ENERGY STAR windows keep the heat in during the winter, but they also keep your home cooler in the summer. Research shows that standard double-pane windows can allow approximately 75 percent of the sun’s heat into your home.

Newer, certified units are specially coated to reduce ultraviolet (UV) light from entering your home, all without stopping the light from entering. That way you still get to enjoy natural light during the summer months without worrying about overheating.

Protect You and Your Home

There are a few ways that ENERGY STAR windows protect you and your home. Not only does UV reduction help with heat gain, but it will also protect your possessions from being discolored or fading over time. Photos, for instance, can completely disappear when exposed too long to UV rays, which is why people don’t usually place them in the path of direct sunlight.

Another benefit to ENERGY STAR windows is that many utilize Super Spacer® foam that is used instead of traditional aluminum to separate the panes of glass in a window. Standard windows that use metal spacers can attract moisture and condensation on the glass, creating a breeding ground for mold.

No one wants mold in their home – not only is it unhealthy but it can also cause structural rot to everything it touches. It’s also expensive and difficult to remove, which is why it’s best to eliminate all possibility of developing mold in the first place.

Make the Switch Today

Winter is right around the corner, so if you’re looking to save money, have a healthier more comfortable home, and reduce your carbon footprint, then now’s the time to upgrade. While window replacement can be an expensive venture, it’s also a great investment. Not only will you save money over time, but it’ll also up the value of your home in case you decide to ever sell.

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