Home Loans from a Mortgage Broker Adelaide

Getting a new home can sometimes be frustrating, even if it’s not your very first home. At the same time, in Adelaide, it can also be frustrating, because Australian lenders often don’t loan directly to people. Because of this, many people actually go through mortgage brokers in order to get the best service possible and get the money they need from credible lending sources. In this guide, we’ll help you learn more how to get your home loans from a mortgage broker, and what to look for.

How do Mortgage Brokers Work?

Believe it or not, mortgage brokers can get paid by charging you a fee for their services, but a lot of good ones actually get their payments directly on commission from their lenders that you go with (who are their clients). What a broker’s purposes is, is to find the best lending options available, get you the lowest in down payments, interest rates, and even choose the best companies that may fit your needs based on numerous specifications of your own life. They are great at sniffing out good deals, and will actually handle a lot of the paperwork you would normally need in order to find the right home loan for you.

Are There Any Warning Signs?

First off, there are warning signs that can signify that someone isn’t in your best interest, or that you simply should find a different broker (the one you’re talking to may not be legit, or have a good record). The best mortgage brokers have a humongous list of lenders that they have successful relationships with in order to get your loan.

You want to make sure that your monthly payments are going to be about a quarter of your monthly payments. If your mortgage broker keeps insisting you get these higher loans, then they’re not looking out for your best interest. At the same time, you want to know that your credit does matter and that you aren’t having to pay a balloon payment (or large sum of cash) towards the end of your term. These are all warning signs that not only the lender is bad, but that your broker is looking into his own pocket.

How to Find the Best Broker

The days of the phone book aren’t gone, but they’re often overlooked for good reason. Simply put, anyone can get an ad in a phone book’s business listing, that just means their business gets a lot of money. However, not only that but the method is outdated. You can actually find the best mortgage brokers online, and you want to check their website for more information, get free consultations, and check references and valid reviews. Don’t stop there though, ask for references of customers and check social media, and even search engine reviews of the company to see what people actually think about them.


When you’re in Adelaide and need a home loan as quickly as possible, it’s important that you choose the right broker with the best record of actually doing their jobs to help their customers. Therefore, by hiring Adelaide Residential Home Loans, you can have a pretty simple process in order to get a home loan that you need, with the best payment options and rates possible.

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