How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Binghamton Help You?

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It’s a terrible experience being a victim or being accused of tort or personal injury. Injuries sustained can significantly affect a person’s life, like career, family, and social relations. When faced with a personal injury case in Binghamton, such as negligence, car accident, or workplace injury, the best person who can help you is a personal injury lawyer.

Let’s find out how exactly can a personal injury lawyer help you in such cases.

Explains Your Rights

Are you overwhelmed by complicated legal procedures? Also, do you find legal jargon confusing? Or do you have problems interpreting medical terms? A personal injury lawyer can help you understand the various legal aspects that can affect your rights.

Choosing a trusted and reputable personal injury in Binghamton, such as Greene & Reid, PLLC, can give you expert legal advice on the best actionable steps to do to win the case.

Here are some expert pieces of advice you can get from a personal injury lawyer:

  • State laws that may affect your cases, such as comparative negligence (partial legal defense reducing the number of damages due to plaintiff’s negligence) and statutes of limitations (time period given allowed or allotted to bring up a legal case).
  • Seeking the help of a personal injury lawyer after the accident will ensure that you’ll know the proper steps to do, such as getting medical attention.
  • A personal injury lawyer explains the importance of substantial evidence, such as police reports, medical documents, photos, videos, and statements of witnesses.
  • A personal injury lawyer explains the paperwork required to file and establish a personal injury case.
  • A personal injury attorney provides expert advice about the right time to give a statement. One example is not giving any statement to the insurance company of the other driver without the lawyer’s go signal. The insurance agent will just look for loopholes in your statement and will be used against you to deny liability.

A Personal Injury Lawyer

Gathers Evidence

Any insurance or legal claim should be backed up by solid evidence. It’s essential to preserve all pieces of evidence to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather and preserve evidence to ensure nothing is missed or neglected.

Here are the types of evidence you and your lawyer need to present for a stronger personal injury case:

  • Physical Evidence: This is something you can touch or see, such as a broken stair, a defective product, damage or dent in a vehicle, wounds, bloodied clothing, or fractured bones. The physical evidence can be used to demonstrate the impact or severity of the accident.
  • Photos: If for any reason, the physical evidence cannot be preserved or cannot be found, it’s best to take photos using a smartphone or any camera. Make sure to photograph all angles in multiple shots so you and your lawyer can choose the clearest photos and present to the insurance company and before the court, should the case proceed to trial.
  • Video: Shoot a video if your condition permits you to have stronger or supplemental evidence. As much as possible, take photos and videos immediately after the accident, and have them printed or stored in a USB drive or any external drive. Make sure that the correct dates are on the digital file or receipt.

Your lawyer may need to return to the place of accident to locate any evidence. Also, additional photos will be taken to rule out other possible causes of the incident. There could be possible witnesses who were not yet interviewed by the police officers that can help your case.

Also, a personal injury lawyer will clarify personal injury myths about handling specific and unique cases.

Represents You Before the Insurance Company

An experienced lawyer helps determines the settlement amount of your personal injury case. The damages don’t only include present costs of hospitalization or property damages, but also future medical expenses.

That’s why it’s important to hire a credible and expert personal injury lawyer who can best represent you before the insurance company. Your lawyer will determine if the offered settlement amount is fair or relatively low, or if it’s best to agree with the settlement offer or deny it and take the case further in court.


Personal injury lawyers come in various specialties, such as a car accident lawyer, a nursing home abuse lawyer, or a workers’ compensation lawyer. By hiring one, you’ll have the best legal representative to fight for your rights and assess if a settlement is your best legal option or to take your case in court.

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