The Restaurant Worker’s Guide to Uniforms

Most restaurants have a dress code policy for their employees. This is typically commonplace so that customers know how to identify staff from other diners. Plus, it showcases professionalism in the workplace when the staff is in clean and well-fitting uniforms. A dress code is also a great way to stay consistent with a restaurant’s branding. Maybe it can be in the form of a T-shirt with the restaurant logo or an apron or hat. Regardless of what you may have to wear for work, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. Here’s the restaurant worker’s guide to uniforms.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression

When working in the restaurant industry, first impressions matter. You often have to deal with customers and diners who are expecting a certain level of service. On top of that, customers have different expectations. Since you’re representing the restaurant that you work for, you’re basically being evaluated the second you encounter a customer. Every little thing you do may be noticeable to visitors, and they’ll often associate their interactions with you as a representation of the restaurant as a whole. Part of that first impression is the uniform that you wear and whether it’s clean and tidy. It can be hard to alter someone’s opinion once they’ve already formed it, especially when there are plenty of other restaurants they can choose to support instead.

Safety is a huge factor when it comes to dressing code

Kitchen safety is important, and a dress code helps adhere to that. If you’re operating restaurant equipment, then you should keep your attire in mind. The best restaurant equipment Corvallis offers can be found at The Restaurant Warehouse, which sells a line of appliances and restaurant supplies at wholesale prices. Their choices of quality equipment include freezers, refrigerators, prep tables, and even dishwashers. When you’re working in a commercial kitchen and utilizing these tools, make sure that you’re wearing something that’s appropriate for the kitchen. For example, your attire might include an outer layer of clothing to prevent contamination or nonslip shoes to help prevent workplace accidents.

Comfort and durability are essential when you work long hours.

Working in the restaurant industry involves long shifts. Some restaurant workers are at a restaurant for 12 to 14 hours. Others work six to eight hours. It all depends on your role and if you’re heavily involved in the kitchen. There’s prep work involved as well as lunch and dinner service. Since you’ll be on your feet, comfortable shoes are absolutely essential to your uniform. A lot of chefs and cooks wear rubber clogs because they’re lightweight and non-slip. Plus, the thickness provides support for your feet. Those who work in the dining room might want something a little more presentable depending on whether the restaurant is casual or upscale. When it comes to pants, comfort is also key. You don’t want to wear anything tight because movement is essential in both the dining room and in the kitchen. Black ankle length jeans are a staple that you can incorporate into your wardrobe as a restaurant worker. They’re easy to throw on, and you can remove stains quite easily.


These are just a few of the tips you can utilize as a restaurant worker. Keep in mind that uniforms are meant to help keep you safe in the commercial kitchen. As a representative of the restaurant you work for, you’ll want to keep professionalism in mind. Make sure that you dress for comfort but that you also dress neat and tidy. Durability is also important, as you’ll be working long shifts.

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