How To Pass The Time While Camping

Camping is something that is a lot of fun to do with friends and family. It is a great way to get far away from the stresses of everyday life between work, school, and other responsibilities. The fresh air, change of scenery, and the thrill of doing something different are all factors that make it so enjoyable.

Once the tent is pitched and meals cooked, there tends to be a period of looking for things to do. There is no TV, no devices for the internet, and often entertainment is not considered. The reality is that there are loads of things to do if you use some imagination. Magic card tricks and telling spooky campfire stories are a couple of ideas that can make the time pass. 

In this article, we will go over several fun ideas on how to pass the time while camping so you can get the most out of your trip. 

Learn new skills

One of the most precious commodities that you have when camping is time. Without a lot of distractions, you have the time to do things that require some patience and quiet. This makes it an ideal time to learn a new skill that you can devote yourself to and pass the hours being somewhat productive. 

For instance, you could bring a sharp knife and take advantage of all the wood around you and learn how to whittle. Then you have the ideal souvenir to bring home from your trip. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to knit. This is a great time to pack some knitting needles and yarn and learn some stitches. 

There are a lot of examples and it all comes down to your interests. Think about those things you have been wanting to do and just never seem to have the time or solitude to do them. 

Start a collection

Exploring nature is one of the best reasons to be out camping, to begin with. Yet, exploring with a purpose makes it even better. Think about some things that you can collect and set out on an exploration of the area around your campsite to find those times. 

You could be out looking for interesting rocks or fossils if you live in an area that has them. Or you can collect pictures of the different birds you’ll find in that area. Bring along a book on the local birds to set out with a collection in mind of the pictures that you want to take. 

Home your cooking skills

Cooking over an open fire is something that is challenging and also rewarding. Many people end up bringing simple things to cook like hotdogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. 


Take this opportunity to hone some other cooking skills to make a meal fit for a king that is all done over a fire. With a sense of adventure, you can even bake things like cookies in a Dutch oven, or make some amazing smoked chicken.

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