The Love Affair with Felt Hats Among Fashionable Men

The trend of hats is on the rise in menswear. With their new popularity in various styles, they are making a return in fashion. And though they have been used to accessorize outfits in the past, today’s fashionable hats go with just about any clothing – t-shirts and jeans during the day to well-fitted suits for semi-formal and even formal occasions at night. If you look in the past, you will find examples of famous men such as Abraham Lincoln, who wore them in public back in 1830s America. 

The simple thing is a well-dressed man needs to know how to choose the right hat for every occasion. He will want to ensure he has access to high-quality hats that look good when worn. For example, men who are fans of retro styles love their fedoras or trilbys. Then, those who prefer a bold and relaxed vibe depend on cowboy hat styles. While all these hats vary, the one common factor that makes them more favorable than other choices is the material quality. You can think about the popular felt in this context.

Honestly, fedoras, straw hats, and cowboy hats look highly appealing as they can give a person the right kind of look of his desire on any day regardless of his mood. So if you have never explored a mens felt hat before, here are some insights to help you choose better.

The appealing highlights of felt hats

Felt is a natural, breathable fabric that resists moisture and tends to be the finest choice for cold and hot weather. Bacteria don’t develop on felt because it requires high heat to form, and since this material remains airy, germs don’t get a favorable environment for their growth. You can fold your felt hat without breaking it or harming its shape even after multiple uses. Due to this, it becomes perfect for products you will often use even over the years. However, you must remember that your hat’s construction plays a huge role in this. A stiff structure may not allow this, while other things remain the integral attributes. 

Felt hat quality

No two hats are alike when it comes to quality. According to some people, a perfect felt hat should maintain its curves or designs. They must keep a flawless look. However, for others, quality means a product made from high-quality material. Nevertheless, one way to measure quality is through the density of its fibers. Your hat’s fibers will determine its robust nature -the tighter the fibers, the denser your hat will be. It will not become “weak” over time. With wool or fur felt, you can expect such things comfortably. Many can also retain their original shade for long without facing the staining issue. But this should not make you ignore the maintenance part.


So, when selecting a felt hat for your wardrobe, you can choose anything from wool to fur based on your need. With them, you can rest assured of having a good time for a prolonged period for their ability to resist heavy wear.


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