PDFBear Rotate Tool: Here’s What You Need to Know

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For sure, you have already heard about PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF is one of the most preferred file types by a lot of people today. The advantages of using PDF are that it can’t be modified easily, and you can share and open it on different devices. When it comes to storage, PDFs also don’t take up so much space in your storage device.

It would take us a long time to enumerate all of the pros of using PDF. Perhaps, it will be fruitful to discuss one problem of PDFs and the solution for this issue. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, there are times when PDF pages are not in their correct orientation.

If you find the pages of your PDF to be upside-down, you can fix that problem using online tools like PDFBear. Here’s a list of benefits of using this web-based software and how to use it.

Pros of PDFBear Rotate Tool

All over the internet, you can find a number of online tools that can rotate PDF pages, but many people still opt for PDFBear. If you want to know what makes PDFBear a popular web-based tool, read on below.


  • Quick and trouble-free to use. No need to sign up to use this online tool and your task will be done under a minute. That’s how fast and easy if you use PDFBear to rotate PDF pages.
  • Efficient and accurate. Using PDFBear, you won’t have a hard time trying to correct your PDF’s upturned pages. There are circular arrows that serve as controls to set the pages to their proper orientation.
  • Accessible on various platforms. Since it’s online, you won’t have to worry if it’s compatible with your device or not. Just go to PDFBear.com and start using this PDF rotate tool.
  • Uploaded files are secure. The file you’ll upload on PDFBear.com will be removed after you’re done using the tool. This feature ensures that your file won’t get stolen or shared.

How to Use the PDFBear Rotate Tool

Stop brooding over the upside-down pages of your PDF because there’s now a tool to fix that problem. The PDFBear Rotate Tool is one of the best online tools to correct your disorientated PDF pages. Read these instructions below to learn how to use this free online software.

Go to PDFBear.com

Launch your preferred website browser and enter www.pdfbear.com in the address bar. Once you’re on the site, go find the Rotate PDF tool and click the icon.

Upload Your PDF

After clicking the Rotate PDF icon, you’ll be directed to a new page. On this page, there’s a Select Files icon. Click on it to upload the PDF you want to edit.

Start Editing Your PDF

After uploading the PDF on the website, you’re now free to set its upturned pages into their correct orientation. The pages can be viewed as thumbnails on the site. Just pick the ones that need editing and rotate them using the circular arrows on the screen.

Confirm Your Edits

If you see that your edits are now good to go, confirm the changes by clicking the Apply button. Review the PDF pages that you’ve edited to ensure that they’re now set in their right orientation.

Download the New PDF on Your Device

Once you’ve corrected the PDF pages and reviewed them, you can now save the new PDF. You can also transfer it to another device or share it with other people.


Do you have problems with your PDF pages? Are they not in their correct orientation? For you to fix that, use online tools like PDFBear. This web-based tool is very easy to use, and you can ensure that your file is secure.

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