The Best Features of PDF to Manage Your Electronic Files

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Days are long gone when people deal with so much paperwork. They used to be bombarded with different stacks of files, and other essential documents, such as forms to fill out, different hard copies to distribute, modules and books to review, and many others. Some people are still using the same way, but many companies opt for making everything computer-generated.

However, even dealing with tons of electronic files has been a challenge to everyone. Saving it from one drive to the other,  sharing files to other devices of particular people, and organizing your files for easy retrieval are some of the daily tasks that might have given you a headache at some point. To help you out, read on the details below to know the best features of PDF technology that will surely manage all your electronic files in a stress-free way.

Protect and Unlock

Files are so essential for you or to the company. It could be a file containing your personal information, such as a current address, active email address, home phone, mobile phone numbers, age and date of birth, and even your debit or credit card information of your current banking institution.

It could also be your company documents that have high importance and confidentiality. These are the examples of files that shouldn’t be accessed by anyone without authorization. You can take advantage of PDF technology.

It has a feature of password protect PDF that will allow you to set up a password in limiting the access to a particular file. You can even personalize the password with a level of difficulty to ensure its security from unauthorized use of unauthorized users.

View and Edit

You might have been dealing with electronic files that need revisions from time to time. It could be a file for the inventory of the company supplies. It might be the financial records containing how much money that comes in and goes out in the accounting department. It could probably be the organization chart of the company, including the detailed job description of each employee.

These are examples of files that you might need to apply some revisions if required. The best feature of PDF technology is that it can handle these tasks in a stress-free way. You can even delete a particular page of the PDF document, update the page numbers, rotate some elements like images or graphics in the file, and many other revisions and changes that you need for these electronic documents.

Merge, Split, and Delete

If you’re dealing with tons of PDF files every day, it could look disorganized in your computer archive. One common problem you might encounter is when you want to retrieve a particular file that you’ll need for a specific task. It usually takes time to check each one to get the correct folder. PDF technology has a feature to help you out with this matter.

You can apply your organization skills this time. Group the files according to their purpose, the creation date, and which department they are usually used in. Merge these similar files into one single PDF file. When you open this file, you can see the tabbed PDF files on the layout that you only need to click one to view it on the screen quickly.

Then, you can split these combined files if you wish to delete a particular document. Hence, with your thousands of PDF files on your computer, you can merge similar ones making it into a hundred. It’ll surely give you convenience in managing and organizing your PDF files every day.


With the advancement of technology, people’s lives become easy and convenient. Dealing with your unending paperwork for your job or school has become lighter. If you handle many electronic files next time, remember the best features of PDF technology discussed above to manage and organize your files effectively and efficiently.


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