Prepare For Online Classes By Bookmarking These Tool Sites

As we wait out the vaccine to make sure that we get on with our normal lives in the middle of this pandemic, life goes on. And education is one of the many things that will be transitioning to online meetings to conduct classes. If you are a student who is enrolled for the semester, a good laptop and an Internet connection is key to making things possible.

But it goes beyond that. Having the convenience of Internet doesn’t mean you can do anything – you can only have so many tools offline and online classes that you’ll need every now and then. In this article, though, we’ve collated some of the best sites you can bookmark to help out with your studies:

A PPT to PDF converter

What’s online classes without a presentation? Well, still online classes. But in this time of the pandemic, more than ever, Powerpoints are of great importance. Creating a presentation can be a daunting task, especially if it is on a topic that’s complicated and draggy. Still, you can always use the old trick of separating the topic into bite-sized sections in order to make it easier for the class to understand.

When preparing a Powerpoint presentation, you will need an accompanying PDF version for handouts. This is where online classes repositories like PDF Bear comes to the picture. PDF Bear’s PPT to PDF converter tool creates a PDF copy of any presentation in Powerpoint, no matter what version it is.

A Tomato timer

The Pomodoro technique is a modern way to effectively take on a task without taking and making so much effort. It’s particularly helpful for students to study. The technique basically times you 25 minutes to concentrate on one thing. Give your attention to the task in hand, whatever it is, for 25 minutes, and you’ll find that only the first few minutes will be hard to concentrate.

Search tomato timer on the web, and you should have thousands of recommendations for the timer. Bookmark any of the first five results, and you should be good to go. Test the site first if it has a notification system to notify you when the first 25 minutes is up.  This way, you can take a break in between – in increments of 5 and 10 minutes.

A trivia site for idle learning

Trivias are a great way to keep your mind in tip-top shape. While most trivia sites are time-consuming to check out because you’ll literally be engrossed with every single thing you can cram your mind to in a single sitting, it’s a great way to concentrate and deconcentrate when you are at a lecture or a presentation. A mental Floss is a great option for this, but there are other sites that are as good as well.

A help for distraction

Social media really is a bane for studying and concentrating. If you find yourself on social media sites more often than you should be studying, it’s time to bookmark a site that purposefully blocks you from any social media platform at an allotted time. Keep Me Out is a straightforward site that can help you with this particular dilemma, although there are thousands of great alternatives out there.


While we usually recommend using Chrome as your main browser – so that you can just press CTRL+D to bookmark, it’s actually been a universal gesture to use this on major browsers, albeit for Safari, where you have to use the Command button. We recommend having these bookmarks on a separate folder, so you don’t have to search your bookmark list for when you need them constantly.




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