A Guide to Find Cheap Drones Under 1000 Dollars for Beginners

Flying drones is an exhilarating experience. Whether you want to fly a drone as a hobbyist or want to take your professional career to the next level, there is a drone available for every need. The market is inundated with these drones under 1000 dollars. There are different sizes, technology, applications, and features to deal with.

This guide is aimed to help you with drone buying, easy for a beginner.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Drone

There is a variety of beginner-friendly, technologically advanced drones available for you to choose from. Before you zero in on any of these drones, take into consideration the below factors:


What do you intend to use the drone for? Are you fascinated by its technology? Do you want to fly around a drone over the weekend with your friends? Or do you need a drone for commercial use in photography or real estate? You can find drones, even cheap ones, specifically catered to your requirement.


Once you have narrowed down the application, how much do you intend to spend on it? Cheaper drones are instilled with basic features, whereas drones closer to the $1000 mark are fitted with high definition cameras and features like obstacle guidance.

Flying Experience

As a beginner, you will take some time to understand drone basics and its flying mechanism. As a novice flyer, it is recommended you begin with cheaper drones that are easy to control and won’t break your heart when they crash. Yes, that does happen with beginners.

What to Look For in Cheap Beginner Drones in The Market?


As a beginner, a multi-rotor drone is what you should look for. They are easy to fly, control and maneuver as compared to other types of drones. The learning period on this type of drone is relatively shorter. Drone frames shaped like an ‘X’ or ‘H’ are stable and reliable.


You can build a drone from scratch if that is your area of interest. For beginners, this task might be a tad bit overwhelming. You can easily find ready to fly (RTF) or almost ready to fly drones in the market today. Check the different assembly parts and how soon you can get the drone flying once it is out of the box.

Battery Life

Again, this goes back to your intention of using a drone. These drones under 1000 dollars have varying battery life. The cheapest of the drones last an average of 5 to 10 minutes, while drones on the higher end can last around 30 minutes.

Drone Safety, Rules, and Regulations

  • Once you have purchased a drone, spend time understanding its mechanism and flight control.
  • If you are flying a drone for the first time, a crowded park filled with children is not the place to do so.
  • Under the FAA law, recreationally, drones above the weight category of 250g have to be registered.
  • Pilots of commercial drones need a license from the FAA to fly their drones.

Owing to the drone’s recreational and commercial popularity finding these drones under 1000 dollars has become an easy task. You will be spoiled for options. Thus, you must narrow down and prioritize your requirements before you do drone shopping.

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