How to Find Out if a Business Name is Taken

How do I find out if a business name has been taken? Well, there are several ways to know if a trading name has been taken. During the entirety of this piece. You are going to find out how to identify an owned business label. You are also going to learn the best ways to come up with a good brand. Let’s get right to it.

A good brand is detrimental to the success of a company. It tells potential clients what to expect from your business. It tells visitors and audiences your take on the industry. And it reflects your purpose. Need professional Assistance? Services like Brandlance will help you create your business name to capture your brand’s essence truly.

Without a good brand, your business will not grow. So, how do you find a suitable business name? There are several tactics you can employ to secure the right label for yourself. You just have to make sure the name you come up with hasn’t yet been used. Not to worry, you’ll learn info about that as you continue your read. For now, here are excellent tips to come up with the right label:

Make it Short and Precise

It is essential that you avoid names that are hard to spell. This will make it easier for individuals to remember your brand. Companies know how important a brand is and want customers to find them out online easily.

You do not wish to continue correcting your company’s tag. This would not help your company at the growing stages, so it would best to keep it simple. Make it short and precise.

Pick a Name that doesn’t Limit Your Company’s Growth

Picking a title that isn’t best suited for your company can limit its growth. It can cause you future problems. Make sure your company’s title isn’t specific to a product or even a location. You might need expansion.

A name that says “New Hampshire Bridal Dresses” would hamper growth when you want to expand your business. This is because the tag is specific to a location. The link here has more tips for ensuring your startup grows this season.

Consider Using Mashups

Most enterprises make use of mashups. They find words that say something about their organization. They ensure that the title is short. Something that they can combine and still wouldn’t be very long. For example, Netflix and TripAdvisor. Both these companies made use of mashups. TripAdvisor simply means trip adviser, while Netflix means internet and flix.

So, if you know of any combination words that reflect your brand, feel free to consider them. Just make sure that the words are as little as two or three. Also, it should be easy to remember.

Make Use of Naming Agencies

It is a great idea to make use of naming companies. They are experienced and can provide you with multiple services. They can offer various offerings like logo design, brand identity, and business labeling. All these offerings can help your establishment in several ways.

Consider Using Acronyms

Acronyms are also great when used adequately for company titles. Several popular companies have made use of abbreviations. For example, CNN and AOL. Both these companies are well renowned for their acronyms. In fact, most people aren’t fully aware of what the full names are of these organizations. AOL stands for American Online. And CNN stands for Cable News Network.

How Do I Know a Business Name Has Been Taken?

You might have a great idea of an enterprise title but don’t know if it has been taken. This can be a bummer. To avoid this scenario, there are things you can do. You can check with your state and file a formation document.

Every state requires that a company’s title be different from existing ones in that state. The secretary of state is in charge of business entity filing. They have a tool that allows you to check the designations taken in that locality.

If you find out that a corporation has a similar title as yours, consider reviewing your state’s particular branding requirement. This way, you’ll know if the similarity is something that you can tweak. Or if your title is one that you have to do away with.

Verifying the DBAs

The fact there isn’t any corporation with a similar business name as yours in your state doesn’t mean you’re free to use it. They might be a local business operating under a similar title as yours. Lots of corporations, whether a sole proprietorship or LLC, operate under fictitious company titles or DBAs.

Checking the DBA registration in your locality wilt tell you if your company title is free. It will tell if you’re eligible to register your corporation without any hiccups. You can check here at for more tips on registering a new company.

You can also check the availably of a business name by a simple internet search. This way, you’ll know if the firm has a good internet presence with the label you wish to use.

An organization with your name online should already have taken the necessary steps to secure its brand. They should have registered a domain name already. They should have already established state law and trademark law in that name. This will make it difficult for you to start up your own business in general.


Proper research will enable you to find out if your company’s title has been taken. Check online and do adequate research. Consult with your state laws and trademark laws. Check the DBAs. All these will ensure you have a name that is free and not in any way registered by another company.


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