5 Questions You Could Ask Your Dentist on Your Next Appointment

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When we sit in the dentist’s chair, we mostly wish that the experience will be over quickly and we often forget that spending time with a dental professional is a great chance to seek advice. If you find awkward silences when getting ready for the examination, asking a couple of questions is a great way to break the ice, and with that in mind, here are a few questions that every dentist would be happy to answer.

Toothbrush Recommendations

If you are the type of person that picks a toothbrush off the shelf without giving it much thought, your choice of toothbrush is critical for good oral hygiene. Not only would your dentist be happy to advise, but he or she would also stock good toothbrushes and you can make a purchase while you are there.

Should I Use Mouthwash?

Many people are unsure about regular use of mouthwash, thinking it should be used after eating garlic or drinking alcohol, yet antiseptic mouthwash is advised and should be an integral part of your daily oral hygiene regime. Asking questions shows the dentist that you are genuinely interested in maintaining good oral health practices and that motivates him or her, which is always a good thing. Ask any dentist in North Shore or in any other clinic around the world, and they would likely sell you some antiseptic mouthwash, which saves you from adding it to your shopping list.

Should I See You More Often?

If you haven’t seen your dentist for a couple of years, then the answer will be a resounding yes. Most dentists like their patients to book a check-up every 6 months and if that is you, forget this question, otherwise, try to stick to the dates given by the clinic. It is tempting to cancel when you have so much to do, but dental care is an important aspect of your life and by seeing the dentist when you should, he or she can do what they are trained to do – examine your mouth.

Ask A Personal Question

There’s nothing wrong with inquiring about your dentist’s hobby, or whether they are married and have any children. The dentist wants to get to know their patients better and when you ask about their life, the relationship is taken to the next level. Indeed, many patients end up forming lifelong relationships with their dentist, as they just seem to click. Of course, a lot depends on the dentist, but if they are talkative and outgoing, then you should get to know him or her a little better.

Ask About Dental Implants

Even if you have no missing teeth, it is good to have basic knowledge about dental implants, which might one day become necessary. Many elderly people replaced their full dentures with dental implants, a permanent solution to missing teeth. The dentist would be happy to explain and would probably have the titanium pins and prosthetic teeth for you to examine and should you ever lose a tooth, you will know what to do.

Your dentist is human and is very happy to engage in conversation with patients, eager to assist in any way they can.

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