Dubai’s Arabian Ranches -The Luxurious Living

Living in Dubai is both an experience and an adventure; the city is the hub of trendy and luxurious lifestyles. Amid all the places to dwell in Dubai, the Arabian Ranches is by far the most family-friendly neighborhood ever.

The ambiance that you get here is unmatched. The Arabian Ranches offers two-bedroom townhouses with picturesque lake views and seven-bedroom mansions with lush golf course views. It has all kinds of dwellings that are bound to suit one’s taste and budget. The Arabian Ranches is a one-stop for all couples as well as big families; let’s explore it some more!

Total Areas:

Spread over 1,650 acres, there are approx. over 4,500 residential properties in Arabian Ranches. However, the whole community is smartly planned by the Emaar property developers, and it has 15 gated sub-communities. These gated communities are divided into three parts. All parts boost different but ideal views from the dwellings. When we say The Arabian Ranches offers a luxury lifestyle, we aren’t understating the facts. Here you can get luxurious homes in Spanish, Mediterranean as well as traditional Arabian-style residences.

Lifestyle, The Arabian Ranches, Has To Offer

The Arabian Ranches is one of the best communities for family-oriented people as it is self-sufficient. From Dubai’s top-rated schools to state-of-the-art medical care and centers, it is by far the ideal place to raise a family in peace. Apart from that, there are restaurants, entertainment centers, community centers, sports complexes, as well as many other recreational activities like swimming, Spa, and Gym. If you are looking to rent here, you are in luck as the rent rate has gone down considerably in the past couple of years.

Compared to the other dwellings and locations in Dubai, The Arabian Ranches may not be the cheapest, but the pricing is nothing when you look at the luxury it has to offer. You can’t buy luxury at such a reasonable price, the kind you can get in The Arabian Ranches, Dubai.

Become A Part of The Growing Community:

Dubai is known for attracting the most classy and trendy people, and The Arabian Ranches is no different. Become a part of the elite community and feel at home. With all the parks and facilities, your family will have the best opportunities to grow healthy both physically and mentally. As the rental rate is coming down, the occupancy rate is going up. At present, every community has an 80 to 85 percent occupancy rate. Luxurious living prime location and rent that is affordable and pocket friendly, what more can you ask for?

Here are the 15 gated and secured communities that you can choose from, 

The Most affordable neighborhoods are

  1. Al Reem,
  2. Terra Nova,
  3. Al Mahra,
  4. Palmera
  5. Alvorada
  6. Mirador
  7. Savannah
  8. Aseel
  9. Saheel
  10. Alma

While the most luxurious ones are

  1. Polo Homes
  2. Hattan
  3. La Avenida
  4. Golf Homes
  5. Mirador La Coleccian

Where are the Arabian Ranches Located?

The prime location of the Arabian Ranches is what makes it so much desirable as a family neighborhood. Located along the most popular Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, the area is easily accessible. Moreover, Dubai Hills, Motor City as well as Dubai Studio City are also within reach. If you are looking for more incentives, Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates is just a 25-minutes drive away; talk about living in the best possible area. The location of the Arabian Ranches plays a significant role in its popularity because it is just 23 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport if you have a personal car. The Al Maktoum International Airport is also 26 minutes away, so if you are a frequent traveler, this is just the place for you.

Nearby Attractions:

This isn’t all; there are many attractions nearby, such as Plantation Equestrian, Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Butterfly Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden, and the most famous hangout, the Polo Club. The perks of living at the Arabian Ranches is that you will always have a choice to spend your weekends at someplace new and exciting. There is much to do inside the communities, too, if you aren’t in the mood to leave home.

If you are an avid shopper and are bored of the many malls of Dubai, you can also head over to the Global Village or even to IMG Worlds of Adventure. We seriously doubt that you will have even one dull moment while loving at the Arabian Ranches, Dubai.


As all the communities at the Arabian Ranches are self-sufficient and there is no shortage of schools, medical facilities, supermarkets, and groceries, life at Arabian Ranches is pretty smooth without public transport. The Dubai Metro or Dubai Tram does not link up to Arabian Ranches so that you will need a personal car at hand.

Investing And Prevailing In The Arabian Ranches

Your investment will not go down the drain if you choose to put your money in the Arabian Ranches. For one thing, there are many communities that offer affordable rent, so there is hardly ever a vacancy issue. Even when the market is slow, the high occupancy rate makes sure that you earn a handsome ROI. Apart from that, the recent dip in rent has also made the two-bedroom rental apartments in the Arabian Ranches are a massive catch. Hence the occupancy rate has gone even higher than usual.

Even though the community is getting on in years, the villas and apartments are still very modernized and upgraded. Any dwelling here is up-to-date as well as luxurious and trendy. Even the most affordable of the lot is spacious and well planned.

The Many Facilities At The Arabian Ranches

As we know, there are 15 gated communities in the Arabian Ranches. These communities are further divided into sub-communities, and every sub-community comes with its own set of facilities, such as a swimming pool, park, and play areas. Some of the communities also have tennis and basketball court, massive playgrounds, and walking tracks. The villas offer servant quarters and private pools as well.

Living at the Arabian Ranches is a style statement that you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

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