10 Tips for Riding an Electric Bike in the Rain

Everyone knows electronics and water don’t generally go together very well. So, what do you do if you’re looking for electric bikes for sale but you regularly ride in wet weather? Fortunately, ebikes hold up well to rain and can be ridden in all types of weather. However, you may still want to implement the following tips to keep yourself comfortable and safe if your sunny ride turns into a battle with a downpour.

  • Weatherproof Your Things

To keep your stuff from getting ruined in a downpour, make sure you weatherproof it in advance. You can do this by purchasing a waterproof pannier bag or shoulder bag to put your valuables in while you ride.

  • Weatherproof Yourself

You can prepare to get caught in a drizzle by wearing a cycling cap, water-resistant cycling gloves, rain-resistant wind jacket or coat, and waterproof shoes. You’ll also want to wear cycling glasses to keep the raindrops out of your eyes as you ride.

  • Watch for Slick Spots

To keep from slipping on wet roads, watch carefully for puddles and other signs of standing water. Be especially wary of puddles that appear multi-hued, as they generally indicate oil or other slick substances.

  • Give Yourself Time to Brake

You’ll need more time to brake when riding in wet weather, so make sure you anticipate upcoming stop signs and other traffic signals. If you try to brake too quickly and forcefully in the rain, you’ll increase your chance of losing control of your bicycle.

  • Don’t Lean When Taking Corners

Most cyclists lean into corners, which is perfectly fine in dry weather. In wet weather, however, you want to avoid taking corners too quickly or leaning around them. Instead, slow down for every corner and try to remain tall on your heavy duty electric bike to avoid losing your tire grip on the road.

  • Ride Slowly

This tip may sound obvious, but you should decrease your overall speed when riding in the rain. Liquid causes the road surface to become slick and minimizes the grip between your tire and the asphalt, so slow speeds are essential for staying safe.

  • Install Fenders

Fenders don’t come standard with ebikes or hybrid bikes, but they can prevent rain spray from soaking you or your bike. If you know you’ll probably get caught in the rain at some point while riding, it’s worth it to install fenders.

  • Use Lights

Rain hampers visibility and can make it harder for others to see you. Before a wet ride (even in the middle of the day), install lights on your bike and keep them turned on until you get back home.

  • Decrease Your Tire Pressure

Some experts recommend that you fill your tires 10 psi less than normal to improve your traction on wet roads. This will allow a bit more of the tire to contact the road and may yield a better grip.

  • Clean and Dry Your Bike

Before putting your bike up after a wet ride, make sure you wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to remove mud and water.

These simple tips won’t take much time out of your day. They will, however, help you stay safe and comfortable when riding your ebike in wet weather.

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