Online Schooling An Increasing Trend In The Middle East

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Just like any other freedom acquire by Middle East people, online schooling is on the rise in the Middle East. Even though this word can bring the shiver of terror to anyone, then why would you home school your child? Isn’t it better if children collaborate with others, make new friends? Don’t children must Learn and tackle new things? Homeschoolers are spoon-feeding by their parents or tutors. Still why this trend is on the rise in the Middle East? Since this topic is not acclaimed much in the Middle East. But there is a rise in the number of students in the Middle East.

Director of the homeschool global, Ryan Gallagher, told Khaleej time that there is a 30 percent more rise in the number of students in UAE and the Middle East. They have hundreds of students enrolled with them. Homeschool Global has established its office in Dubai as well.

Digital marketer of iCademy Middle East, Ekta Dhameja, said the number of students enrolled is increasing. They have more than 700 students with mixed nationalities, as they are offering flexibility.

Parents can choose to follow different online curricula that are accredited and licensed through various international accreditation agencies when it comes to homeschooling in the UAE. The Program Director for the school of Clonlara, Sumaya Saifudin, said her program provides “flexibility and freedom to choose how, and what you want to learn” for the students and their families in the Middle East region. For several reasons, parents choose Online Schooling. Cost is one, and lack of support for teachers is another. Of the 25 children, one teacher is not working. Every child learns at his own pace, some need more assistance, and others follow a different passion. Many institutes provide k.g to online middle school classes to high school classes.


Why is Online Schooling in the Middle East booming?

Due to inadequate education budgets, poor screening results, increased student enrollment, the security of schools or a lack of content in the standard core curriculum, parent disappointment with the quality of education provided at public schools leads some parents to choose to homeschooling for their children rather than going to public schools. Dubai has few top American universities, and most US / European ex-pats tend to enroll in home school programs based in the US / British curricula. At home, parents can provide their children with the right knowledge by using a government-approved curriculum.

Schooling cost:

As parents clarify, schooling costs in the UAE are increasing significantly. Subsequently, staying at home and teaching the children makes more sense to one parent.

Available evidence suggests that homeschool students perform as well as their non-home-school counterparts. Generally, homeschool students perform as well as — and in some cases outperforms — their non-home-school peers. The added benefit of homeschooling is saving taxes and education schemes. According to analysts, home school students protect US taxpayers and public schools between US$ 4.4 trillion and US$ 9.9 trillion a year.

Religious perspective:

Another explanation for why parents choose to be at home is because they need to research and educate their children in a moral and religious environment. Some of these students are already attending individual religious institutions, such as memorizing the Quran, etc. They, therefore, need to carry out both regular and religious education at the same time.

Practical education:

According to the United Arab Emirate, Marcela Romero, one of the advantages that she especially appreciates about Online Schooling is the opportunity to teach her children’ practical skills, such as cooking, housekeeping, food, and organization.’ Gatto agrees with Romero that this all-important aspect of education has vanished from the schools and, as he points out, its absence has contributed to the lack of “adulting” skills that we see in the coming generation.

Bore and dull school system:

Boredom was all over my world, but when you asked the children why they feel so bored as I have done often; they gave me the same answers: they said that the work was stupid, that it was meaningless, that they knew it already. They told me that they wanted to do something real, not just sit around. Teachers seemed less conscious of their subjects and didn’t want to know more, they said. Home school parents in both the United Arab Emirates and the United States have been able to remove their children from school and therefore seek less dull, inexpensive and realistic learning. Is it time to recognize that the institutionalized, compulsory education system is not the most successful way to enable a child to learn and become a competent, vibrant adult?

Online Schooling An Increasing Trend

Given all the advantages homeschooling brings to homeschool children and society as a whole, legislators must adopt policies that give more families a chance to take part in homeschooling. The policymakers of federal and state governments should ensure that families are free to educate their children in the future.

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