How Axe Throwing Became the Hottest 21st Century Date Activity?

As much as you might pine for the days when couples met down at the malt shop or rode up to the drive-in theatre, those days are in the past. And, frankly, good riddance to them. While there was something undeniably wholesome and curious about those date ideas, the bald fact is that they don’t fit into the fast-paced modern world of dating, in which a first date can come together in minutes, all over a mobile device and without any meaningful conversation leading up to it.

Modern times call for modern dating ideas, activities that reflect – and help soothe – all the contemporary expectations and anxieties surrounding dating. That’s why more and more daters choose to go axe throwing in the city for their dates. If you haven’t heard of axe throwing, then first of all perhaps it’s time to move out from under that rock; and second of all, you’re in for a real treat. Dating in the 21st Century might have finally found its perfect activity.

What is Axe Throwing?

The game is pretty simple – it’s like darts, only on steroids. Facing a wooden plank painted with bullseye target, you hurl an axe and aim for the center, easy as that. But don’t let the game’s simplicity fool you, since the sport is as exhilarating as it is straightforward, with much of its giddy excitement coming from the fact that you are literally throwing a weapon. It almost feels like you’re misbehaving.

Of course, you aren’t just given an axe willy-nilly, and entrusted with your (and your date’s) safety. When you book an axe throwing lane for a date, you get a quick tutorial from an axe throwing expert, including proper form and, you know, how to not accidentally throw the axe backward. Then the two of you face off in a light-hearted round robin-style tournament, to see who has the better aim.

How Did It Get So Popular?

The short answer to this question is: it became popular because it is obscenely fun. For the slightly longer answer, you have to trace the sport to its origins as a group game played at cottages in Canada, which then spread to an axe throwing facility. From its humble beginnings, the sport was developed into something more closely resembling a sport, with official axes, target boards, and scoring system. It had a diehard following.

The sport then spread from hobbyists to the mainstream. Because itis such an exciting group sport, and because the community that popped up around it is such an encouraging one, axe throwing quickly drew in all manner of crowds: work parties, holiday celebrations, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, celebrities, and even the Chicago Bears.

It didn’t take long for the dating community to catch on to the appeal. Here was a welcoming sport that mixed thrills with some light competition, and allowed players to vent their frustrations and nervousness, perfect for dates.

Hitting the First Date Bullseye

Just as bowling was once the premiere date spot, in a bygone century, axe throwing is the go-to spot; it is a fun, skill-based sport that you can play with two people or a whole crowd. It can take the edge off a bad date, or enhance a good one. And it leaves just enough room for good conversation.

There isn’t so much activity that the two daters can’t share a single word with one another (as with a movie for instance) nor is there too little activity that the daters feel cluttered with awkward silences (as when you meet at a restaurant or bar, for instance). It’s just the right balance.

Axe Throwing Became the Hottest 21st Century Date Activity

There is a reason that axe throwing has become the hot new date spot among 21st Century daters. But don’t take their word for it–aim for the first date bullseye yourself!

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