Why You Should Consider Adopting Modular Classrooms

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Expansion of classrooms and the construction of new ones is something that many learning institutions struggle with. But with the unique style of construction known as the modular method, the problem has been slashed significantly.

Ideally, modular means sections or segments. Therefore, the modular means of construction means the development of parts of a building is done away from the location where the building should be. After the development of the sections is complete, they are then ferried to the school and joined together. This modern method requires a minimal amount of space, is efficient and also cost friendly.

Below are some of the significant advantages of adopting portable modular classrooms.


Nowadays, the population is increasing at a high rate, leading to an upsurge in the number of pupils enrolling in learning centers. For a school to provide quality education, the comfort of every student must be considered. Hence classrooms need to be quickly constructed.

An increase in the number of students leads to limited resources and space; therefore, traditional modes of construction will be a challenge. The immediate solution to the problem is the use of portable modular classrooms. One can lease a portable class from another school and solve the issue at hand or construct one, which takes less than 12 weeks.

Adopting Modular Classrooms

Variety Of Designs

The portable modular classrooms are of different designs to fit into a variety of schools. Constructors and designers offer turn-key classroom solutions, which means they are constructed, taken to the location, and enhanced to suit the needs of the school.

The method provides ample space in a school whose number of students is increasing. The delivered classrooms are fully furnished, which means they have features like electricity, piped water and security features as per the needs of the school.

If you’re looking forward to getting one, you can always visit smart-space.co.uk, and check out some of the modular classroom solutions on offer.


Everyone is looking for a cost-friendly means of providing durable buildings and other kinds of resources. The portable modular classrooms are cheap compared to the traditional method of construction, depending on how furnished the class is.

In the case where the school has insufficient funds, they could opt to lease from another school to solve their problem. The modular classroom is made of quality materials that can withstand wear and tear that may occur during transportation or in instances of rough weather. Also, most of the constructors provide free maintenance after delivery, to ensure the quality of the classrooms remains uncompromised.


This is a feature that can only be found in modular classrooms. Since the class is portable, that means that the school does not need too much physical space. Also, the building can have multiple uses as it can be moved to a different place when not being used for educational purposes.

The school can also lease the classroom to another school when it’s not in use. Therefore, the school could earn from renting the building out. Apart from being used as a classroom, the building could be furnished to serve a different purpose within the same school grounds.

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