5 Reasons the Mazda3 Offers Incredible Value

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By Jaylin

The Mazda3 family of cars has been a perennial bestseller in Perth since the introduction of the earliest models in the early 2000s. The biggest reason for their enduring popularity has to be the phenomenal value they offer. Models of new Mazda 3 Perth dealers offer can range in price from about $25,000 to just under $40,000, depending on the type and the options available. Because they’re so highly sought after, even used Mazda3 can fetch similar prices, making buying new a very attractive option.

But why are they so popular when there are other less expensive options on the market? The reason seems to be that the Mazda3 line offers value at virtually every aspect of its design. It’s a mid-priced sedan platform with luxury features close or at par with other cars marketed to the Perth luxury market.

Here are some more reasons you should consider a new Mazda3 as your next car:

1. Impressive driving experience

While the earlier models were famously one of the best-feeling manual transmission mid-sized sedans of all time, the new Mazda3’s automatic transmission is no slouch either. Along with an improved suspension system, the SKYACTIV technology and philosophy that permeates every aspect of the Mazda3’s driving experience gives you a perfect balance of control, power, and feel — the key factors that make a car a joy to ride. The powerful 2.5L engine is nothing to sneeze at either, delivering 184 horsepower.

2. Leading fuel efficiency

With fuel prices trending up the past generation, even relatively well-to-do folks in Perth are paying attention. All variants of the Mazda3 are built with fuel economy in mind. Not only does the car improve on the fuel efficiency ratings of its forebears, but new features such as an automatic engine shut off when your car is stopped also serve to further increase the number of kilometers you can travel on a single liter of petrol. Even better, the Mazda3 can achieve full power on unleaded gas, which can be a huge boon to both your health and the environment.

3. One of the safest compact platforms on the market

All Mazda3 variants lead the market in terms of crash protection, as far as compact vehicles are concerned. As a matter of fact, the Mazda3 was chosen as the Top Safety Pick by the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, no mean feat as the US is heavily into full-sized SUV’s and trucks. It has garnered an impressive number of awards for both safety and value in Australia as well.

Mazda has meticulously considered the safety features of the Mazda3, adding more than just standard crash protection. Blind-spot detection and adaptive cruise control are also available in some models as well.

4. Versatile layout

Both the hatchback and sedan Mazda3’s allow them to carry a fair amount of cargo while still being the optimal layout for a family car. If you have a hobby that takes you places or if you run a business, either type of Mazda3 has plenty to offer.

5. Amazing looks

A lot of people who are not into cars immediately assume the Mazda3 is a luxury vehicle. While it does have several very competitive luxury features and a stunning European appeal, it is in fact, quite affordably priced in its mid-sized sedan segment.


While the Mazda3 is quite affordable, it holds its value well, which is a great reason to consider buying new. Not only is it a joy to drive, but it is also a practical vehicle for both personal and business use as well. Find trusted Mazda 3 Perth dealers and book a test drive today.

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