Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging Going To Be Big in 2020

There is always a better way of doing things, and that’s certainly true for packaging. When it comes to flexible packaging a revolution is about to be unleashed that will benefit consumers and a variety of industries in the coming months and years. Using the power of digital printing in new and innovative ways, eco-friendly packaging has reached a tipping point. It’s time to cut down on waste and give the planet a break. In 2020, advances in packaging for products requiring flexibility will be more common in stores and in the products that you order online.


As with many innovations, technology plays a leading role in the success of flexible polythene packaging products. Digital printing technology with the HP Indigo 20000 delivers the following enhancements over conventional printing methods:

  • Short to medium-length run orders that are competitively priced
  • A quick 10-day turnaround on orders of all sizes
  • The elimination of late fees, reducing costs
  • Reduction of costs through lower inventory and reduced obsolescence
  • The ability to customize for variable markets
  • The adaptability to serve promotional and regional events

Optimal products from this process include lay-flat packaging, stand-up pouches, and roll stock. All of these options are well suited for the large market of frozen food packaging. Multiple choices exist for film structures, pouch options, and pouch dimensions.

The Example

The benefits of flexible packaging adapt well to such products as health and beauty, snacks, pet food, lawn and garden, and coffee. One good example can illustrate all the rest. The packaging of jerky needs to be superb in order to make the business model excel. Quality jerky requires an airtight seal and the ability to manage moisture levels. A number of issues for a jerky business—marketing, inventory, quality, affordability—tie in closely to the packaging. The digital printing angle enables companies to reduce costs on printing orders as well as on product obsolescence. As for marketing, the ability to affordably incorporate high-quality graphics into the packaging makes the product look more appealing to customers. Furthermore, because the streamlined process is fast, with a 10-day turnaround, orders can be made less frequently and for only the amount of packaging needed. Both pouches and roll stock work well for jerky packaging.

The Environment

Packaging and waste are almost synonymous, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The speed of digital printing and print-on-demand allows for a quick turnaround, which affects inventory and product waste. Both of these improvements reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a healthier planet. Several of the processes in digital printing improve on old technologies and are gentler on the environment, such as recyclable films. Overall the process of flexible packaging reduces harmful emissions, consumes less energy and natural resources, lowers transportation needs and reduces the impact on the planet.

If your company is looking to upgrade your eco-friendly packaging needs, and you wish to be part of a growing eco-friendly business model, reach out for a free quote. Locations are spread throughout the U.S. that offer exceptional customer service and a line of versatile products to greet 2020.

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