3 Writing Tools, I Use Every Day for Blogging

What is writing?

This term is taken as hard work. The non-professional writers do not know how difficult this task is. Everyone can write, but it is not an easy thing to attract the reader or let the reader understand the writing comfortably. A lot of important things are needed to be kept under consideration while writing something professionally.

So, you should be careful about the embarrassing mistakes in your writings. But there is also good news that you can use tools, with which this writing task will become easy and simple. The utilization of tools can save time and energy. Free and online tools are available on the internet easily. Let’s talk about those tools:

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is a platform where you can write any kind of content. It will provide you with many features to format your writing material according to your desire. You will be given many options in the word processor. Misspelled words will be highlighted; you can right-click on it and correct it with correct spellings or different alternatives.

Plagiarism Checker:

The originality of the content matters a lot. Your content must be pure. For this purpose, you can check the plagiarism of your content by using any copyright checker for plagiarism tools. Check plagiarism process becomes difficult or impossible if you do not use any plagiarism tool. Let’s discuss some of the best copyright checkers:


The user can check plagiarism by uploading a whole file into the input box provided by this Plagiarism tool. You will also be welcome to paste a specific URL from which you do not want to check plagiarism. Users can use this free plagiarism checker online to analyze all kinds of documents, and website content to check plagiarism. There are several methods of checking duplication.

This online plagiarism detector enables the user to enter a query text and then checks that text among billions of websites, including magazines, books, and newspapers, etc. It will then highlight the plagiarized text and also provides the source of plagiarism.


This tool will allow you to check plagiarism by uploading the desired file in any of the following formats like .pdf, .odt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, tex, and .text. You can also enter a particular piece of content to check copyright issues. The URL integration feature will be there too.  It will provide an automatic rewrite facility to its users. The plagiarism result will be shown in percentage form.


The process of checking content for plagiarism becomes very easy with this tool. Its deep search technology will enable you to make excellent content with high-quality writing. It checks the written material around a lot of academic sources, citations, and webpages.

Grammar Checker:

Of course, it is another important tool you need to write outclass content. Your content cannot be ranked on the top of the search result pages if it contains basic grammatical mistakes. These basic errors leave a bad impression on the reader.

The readers can also leave bad comments on your content that will be the cause of embarrassment for you.  To escape from this kind of mistake, there are many online grammar tools available on the internet. Let’s discuss some of them:


Without utilizing Grammarly, the content cannot proceed; it means that the user should upload his or her content after concerning it with the Grammarly tool. The user can install it as an extension for Firefox Web, Chrome, and Safari browsers free of cost. The paid version of Grammarly will give deep writing feedback. It will also perform a plagiarism check process.


This tool enables its users to enter the required data in the given place. Then the user will be directed to press the grey icon or button to check the spelling or grammar mistakes from the written material. This online checker will also detect punctuation errors. Some words will be underlined, and the tool will give its users a list of suggestions to correct the word with alternative words, phrases, or explanations.

GINGER Grammar Checker:

Most of the online tools do not provide suggestions to correct the mistakes, but this grammar checker utilizes groundbreaking techniques to recognize spelling and grammar mistakes. The grammar checking task is not much faster or easier as we think it is. But within a single click, you will get rid of all the errors from your content. It can boost up its user’s writing productivity. Let’s discuss what kind of errors it can remove:

  • Singular/plural nouns
  • Misused word correction
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Consecutive nouns
  • Contextual spelling correction

Scribens Grammar Tool:

It can correct about 250 kinds of grammar and spelling mistakes. It can also help you to increase your English skills. The user will be able to correct the following mistakes from his or her content like nouns, pronouns, verbs, typography, prepositions, punctuations, and many more.

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