EarthLink Launches Around The Clock Remote Technical Support Service

Internet service provider EarthLink recently launched a remote technical support service called EasyTech to assist families with computer issues during the pandemic.

EarthLink has a team of technical experts who are available to help you 24/7 via secure remote sessions. They’ll be able to use software to access the affected phone or computer and show you how to solve the problem.

EarthLink’s experts offer a wide range of support services and can fix virtually any issue. Whether you’re having problems setting up your computer, installing new software, or recovering your data after your computer crashed, they’ll be able to help.

You can also grant EarthLink’s experts access to your mobile phone’s camera so they can provide tech support for other devices in your home. They can help you with your TV, gaming remotes, smart home products, streaming devices, DVD players, printers, and much more.

For a low monthly fee of $9.95, you’ll get round-the-clock tech support for an unlimited number of family members and devices.

EasyTech joins EarthLink’s suite of support and security services, which includes an online parental monitoring tool called EarthLink Guardian and identity theft protection powered by Norton LifeLock.

Tech support is even more essential during the pandemic

Because of the pandemic, many Americans are working and going to school from home, which makes technical support services and reliable internet service even more essential.

“With the dramatic shift to work from home and distance learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, homes are a critical family hub for all things tech,” said EarthLink Chief Product Officer Leon Hounshell in a statement. “With the increase of technology in the home comes an increase in the need for technical expertise and support. EasyTech provides our customers the tech support they need to keep their devices running without having to take them anywhere. And with EasyTech, there’s no need to bring a technician into the home to fix technology-related problems.”

According to Gallup, 33% of US workers are telecommuting full-time and 25% are working from home part-time. Half of all students are also going to school virtually.

For some, the shift to remote work hasn’t been easy because they lack necessary digital skills. About 15% of adults are digitally illiterate and only 19% of eighth-graders can gather information on computers independently.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, services like EarthLink EasyTech can give you the support you need while you’re learning how to use new software and navigate working from home. EarthLink’s technicians can assist you remotely, so you won’t have to bring outsiders into your home and put your family at risk to get your tech problems resolved.

Other companies making a difference with tech support

If you can’t afford EarthLink’s monthly service fee, several companies have made their tech support available for free during the pandemic.

Cable company Cox is offering free remote desktop support to families who sign up for Connect2Compete, an affordable Internet plan for low-income Americans. has also made its virtual tech support service TechSolutions free for people working and studying from home during the pandemic. Their technicians can help you via phone, video, or chat at any time of day or night.

You can even access the company’s library of self-support resources that walk you through how to fix thousands of common tech problems for free.

Forensic IT is also offering free support from tech experts to students, teachers, workers, and small businesses affected by the pandemic. They can provide assistance with application installation, setting up remote classrooms, basic file conversion, and more.

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