Why we need Creativity in our Classroom?

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By JoePirest

Education is all about learning to survive in this competitive world smartly and intellectually.

Today we need cool and creative classrooms because

Its 21st Century:

As the years pass, the world changes and ways change to help you to survive in this globe.

And 21st century is really different from other past centuries. It is more advanced and technological. That’s why this century kids need another kind of classroom where the walls and colours teach them completely.

Advancement Brings Different Needs:


Today everyone has phone and gadgets. Everyone knows how to use touch phones and android phones. Today everyone is using Google Assistant.

And this phone has really changed our needs and requirements. That’s why we need to change our system. We need to make our system and classrooms more personalized and customized in order to polish their favorite skills more and more.

Address Current Problems:

Today every child in many ways is facing harassment and abuse whether he is a college student who is asking for help with dissertation writing or a very young child who cannot sit quietly.

And to talk on such issues like cyber harassment and abuse we need a very creative system where students and teachers discuss the problems together and find solutions.

This activity makes them problem solvers and smart kids who would have numerous ways to solve a certain problem.

To make the World a Better Place to Live In:

The world because of advancement and development of industries is facing environmental problems a lot.

That’s why it has now become important to teach them about ways of making the world a better place to live in.

Teachers should do dialogue sessions with them on certain problem a give it a whole week until the solution will not come out.

This will make the surroundings and generation cool and thoughtful.

So discuss with them and make some innovative machines to clean our rivers’ and earth.

Need of Controllers:

Today we have robots who can work for 17 hours long on single command. That’s why we don’t need any robotic and simple people.

Today the world needs multitasker who knows numerous skills, who knows how to observe and control and manage the whole company.

That’s why today it us very much important to make the kids organized and time managers. And this can only be done when we customize our system and give attention to each child differently.

Need of Informality

The rising problems because of entering into an era of communication make years old system unsuitable for today.

Because today we need a person who is confident, who is intelligent, who appears intelligent and who knows how to impress others in few minutes from every way.

To impress someone, communication is important. And it is the most important to be taught to kids of today because the now we only need cooperation and domination to live because other needs are fulfilled because of phones and gadgets.

And communication skills can only be taught in informal environment where teacher and students are friends and companions who like to have discussion with each other.

Each century has its own needs and requirements. And that needs and requirements are required to be fulfilled if you want to survive successfully. But to fulfill such requirements a person needs intelligence. The definition of intelligence changes with time. But it is obvious that that intelligence can only be attain with education.

Now, because of having different requirements, we need to change the system and curriculum to if we want our kids to survive and rule this world in upcoming century.

So change the system and teach them what the world needs!

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