9 small profitable businesses that you can start in 2019

On this occasion, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Edith Gómez, who has prepared this article to give us some ideas of profitable small businesses that you can start up in 2019.

We are already at the gates of 2019, and I am sure we all have very good purposes for this New Year: earn extra money to pay bills, join the gym, quit smoking, however your new car or holidays, learn a brand new language, etc, etc… Have you included in your list: start a profitable business that allows you to achieve your economic goals? Surely yes and that is why you are reading this article.

I do not make you wait anymore, here I leave my guest

The year that has just arrived comes with everything. This decade had not had a year as economically promising as 2019. On the one hand, the Bitcoin will reach historical levels, also other cryptocurrencies will have an impressive boom.

Likewise, international markets have had and will continue to experience interesting movements, which opens in the stock market quite attractive opportunities.

Also, micro-entrepreneurship gets more benefits every day and developments, both digital and unbridled technological advances, open the door in equally promising and unexplored markets.

The table is served!

If what you are looking for is to take action, here you will find the best ideas for profitable small businesses in 2019. To find motivation, we have prepared a great list of phrases to start receiving 2019.

9 small profitable businesses in 2019
Before starting, remember that small businesses can have two different conceptions:

  • Low Cost: they prioritize the quantity, sacrificing a little the quality. They are typical of large markets in which there is no competition for quality, what matters is to sell.
  • Premium: business ideas that prioritize quality to meet a very specific person buyer. They do not compete with large corporations.

Some of the ideas that I expose will be exclusive for one of these modalities, but in its majority can be made use of any of these two ways of doing business. Sometimes money will be more on one side than on the other, it is normal in some markets.

Our business concept and vision of the opportunity will be what will tip us towards one or another option.

# 1 Amazon affiliate program

Affiliate programs, in general, qualify as small profitable businesses because at the beginning what is obtained as profit is little, but it is clear that in different areas there are people building multimillion-dollar empires with these royalties and commissions.

Of course, we are not talking about traditional and pyramid affiliate programs that sell slimming or household cleaning products. We talk about digital affiliate programs like Amazon, for example.

In the case of Amazon, we are given the opportunity to advertise products on our website and commission sales. Up to 10% for each sale, a figure that does not fall at all bad to the pocket.

To join the program, Amazon offers a very complete guide, so to fully understand the program is quite simple.
The smartest strategy is to overturn the content of our website and start talking about the Amazon products that best fit into it. We can even venture as sellers during this complete platform, thus we tend to shut an ideal variation.

Of course, we tend to should always respect inward promoting and sell while not commercialism.
Simply we must include one or several links on our website and add copywriting to what we do so that the reader or visitor finds the product interesting and clicks on the link, the rest will be the description of the product.

# 2 Influencer

Being a social networking personality is becoming more lucrative every day. However, the thousands or millions of followers that can be capitalized are not synonymous with astronomical profitability. Because of this, being an influencer qualifies as a small business; Of course, one with good chances of rapid growth.

The influencers are summarized in two aspects:

  • Appearance
  • Content

How they look and what they share; that is the basis of everything. From there the business of being an influencer varies a lot. The audience that we address and the topics to play will be our entire choice.

The economic entry for advertising is important and commercial alliances bring seductive benefits. There are many ways to monetize social networks when followers are faithful to us.

This can be a great option for young people who feel they have something of value to contribute to their peers.

# 3 The plastic art

To be an art possessor, of a good taste of course -although we can find their exceptions- is a synonym of status, so that wealthy people are willing to pay anything for a good piece of art.

Knowing this, we cannot ignore the opportunity represented by art to start a profitable business in 2019. What kind of art?

Art is not just about tattoos and piercing, it’s about Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, goldsmiths, and handicrafts and especially tattooing and piercing are art forms that we can promote in the coming year and thereby increase our bank account.

Unless we are the new Andy Warhol, our art will come exclusively into the hands of a few. So, we must emphasize that this is a niche where exclusivity brings its fruits. Each piece must be original and of quality, with this, we make sure that the added value is sufficient for the price to be profitable.

The greater the quality of the design and the better the materials, the greater the profitability. But we must always remember that craftsmanship is limited, so each piece must convey a unique magic.

But we cannot stay in just painting or sculpting and already. It is necessary to adopt digital marketing trends and be present in social networks, be visible to the market. A small art business must transcend the physical space of your shop / workshop and reach the buyers’ eye.

# 4 Blogging

Virtually any type of business has a life with a blog. It is one of the central axes when the marketing of attraction is spoken, so although blogs date back several years, their presence in the market is guaranteed at least for the next 5 years.

Any business, be it personal branding or corporate branding, grows exponentially once it shares content on your blog. Since it is the ideal space to share valuable content.
I have nothing against sharing content on the networks, but its format is not comfortable for everything, so important opportunities are missed.

In a blog you can apply a good copy and be brief as Twitter; be graphics like on Instagram or Pinterest; formally as LinkedIn and share videos as in YouTube, plus many other benefits.

The blogging pays off when we use it as a marketing tool (including affiliate programs previously shared in this line) and when we sell advertising space. Otherwise, it is not possible to monetize him.

If writing is your passion or you are passionate about sharing what you know, blogging is the ideal profitable business tool for you in 2019.

# 5 Food Trucks

The great boom of Miami has spread throughout the world and 2019 is the best year to start in this profitable business and also profitable in business for sale UAE.

A Food Truck is basically a mobile kitchen, they use a shared commissary kitchen for preparing the food, but with the level of marketing of a large fast-food business. Of course, as in the culinary world, profitability has a lot to do with the quality of the food.

It is a market for which we must study a lot the product to offer and the laws of our jurisdiction because not in all places are considered legal. But when both lights are green, it’s a business that starts fast.

Desserts, typical food, fast food, international food, you can offer everything from one of these mobile restaurants.

For this business to maximize profitability, we must be clear about the best place to park. The positive thing about the point being mobile is that it represents multiple possibilities to sell. When the limitation of being tied to a certain place disappears, the Food Truck can move to where a special festival takes place or to the touristic zone in turn.

The most important thing is to be connected to the digital world. Diners should know where to find us, so it is necessary to prepare a route of taste and share our location on social networks.

# 6 Value contents

Again, we talk about a point related to digital marketing, which says a lot about a trend that will be important even if we do not name it.

For experts in any subject, this is a point of profitable business. And if it is combined with a premium methodology, the results multiply.

Marketing eBooks and offering courses will be one of the great incomes of money in this 2019. The great condition is that it contributes real value to whoever consumes it. On the internet there are a lot of both; the topics vary from productivity to how to make a script for a podcast.

Someone wants to know what we dominate and can share. It’s time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Other profitable businesses for 2019 … with more investment

# 7 Apps Development

Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and a lot of games that have gone viral are a great example of how an app is a factory of millions. Of course, before reaching that point, they had a growth phase.

Many of them started small and reported modest profits. Look where they are now ..

The classic illustrations for the business of developing apps are social networks, but Uber is another good mirror of digital entrepreneurship in which to look. They saw an opportunity and materialized it, first the idea had a lot of echoes and little money, but little by little it started to sink in and now we all know what it is and what it is worth (35 billion dollars for the uninformed, more than the value of General Motors in the bag).

There are many opportunities that the digital world can satisfy; ideas are counted in millions and each head is a world, so each one of us can materialize a different application.

Many of the most widely used and recognized mobile applications do not even sell anything or provide a service by themselves. The best -the most profitable- are those that make life easier for users and offer an outsourced service and connectivity.

In other words, they connect two people or entities; one that offers and another that seeks.
It is not necessary to be a computer expert or programming to start, we can be the intellectual authors of the idea and contact a programmer to hire or associate. Yes, the smartest thing is to leave everything in writing to take care of our business idea.

# 8 Fashion design

Yes, I know, it sounds like hard working, but it is a fact that tomorrow more than ever the new designers will be present in our closet. The big brands do not stop selling, but the markets have changed specially in Wedding Mehndi Dresses.

Many people prefer to camp outside the stores to buy the latest smartphone and not run out to Diesel or Tommy to buy the clothes from the latest collection. That is where the opportunity lies.

Globalization allows us to work with the same fabrics that the big houses use and on the internet are the design patterns or whatever. Fashion will be dictated by the brand, so 2019 is a year for lovers of good fashion.
It is understood that those who are inclined to this world understand the impact of marketing on your business. So, I will not put so much emphasis on this point.

Innovation is the key to success, especially at the level of marketing and photography. It seems that the ideas have been exhausted and the poses of the models and the cuts of the garments are always the same, so to show something different draws attention immediately.

# 9 Bitcoin

The queen of cryptocurrencies will have a spectacular 2019 according to experts. This year already has a precedent, the Winklevoss brothers, those who sued Mark Zuckerberg for “stealing” the idea behind Facebook, have everything to become Bitcoin billionaires … but they are not any billionaires, but the first in this digital market.

The digital edition of the prestigious magazine Forbes has had a very hectic month talking about the currency. What he predicts for 2019 is simply extraordinary for investors in this market.

For the coming year, the business that does not accept Bitcoins and is in the big markets will simply be left behind. Even if the banks do not find a way to adopt this currency, they will also see how their accounts are left to deposit the money resulting from the exchange of this currency.

Saving in Bitcoins, accepting them in our business and even mining them will be more profitable than ever in 2019.
Yes, we must go with feet of lead, because despite what Forbes says and such good omens, it remains to be seen to what extent this cryptocurrency advances or if it is a financial bubble. Remember that like any other investment there is a risk, so the best thing you can do is invest only what you can afford to lose.

Any of these 9 ideas will give you money next year; You do not have to choose only one, it is possible to combine them and have results.

The only requirement is a total commitment plus a firm desire to make 2019 a different year.

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