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By Lucia Adams

These days, new and even existing entrepreneurs are opting for virtual office space. Although not a new concept, majority of the entrepreneurs are not still aware of what it is all about and the benefits that it offers to both new and existing entrepreneurs. Doing some research is sure to throw up some light on the subject and help the aspiring entrepreneurs to find answers to all their queries.

What is virtual office all about?

The shared office space in MG Road Gurgaon allows the entrepreneur to rent out the business address instead of paying for physical space. Also is offered the much needed administrative support. For instance, the typical virtual office will include business address, telephone number answered by professional and well trained receptionist, call forwarding and mail forwarding. Also is provided access to day office or conference room as required.

Why to use virtual office?

Various reasons do exist for corporations, mid -sized businesses and solo-preneuers to switch onto virtual office solutions to promote their business. Small independent firms and startup companies do appreciate having professional office address at a premium location. This is achieved without actually having to bear huge rental expenses. Virtual offices are also used as meeting place or remote branch offices. For instance, if the company is planning to expand into Gurgaon, then the virtual office space in MG Road Gurgaon is sure to serve as the best place to hold meetings, prior to getting permanent solutions.

Are virtual offices expensive?

This is a major concern for majority of the new entrepreneurs due to low finance. On significant benefit offered by virtual office space rental is saving the much needed capital. Using virtual office location can help to decrease overhead business cost and to reinvest this saved money in the other aspects of the business, such as marketing and advertising. Rental packages start from very little and are easily availed. Instead of wasting thousands of money on the conventional brick and mortar leases, virtual offices do offer cost effective solutions.

How will mails and calls of the business be handled?

Mails and incoming calls to the virtual office address and phone number is handled in various ways, which again depends upon the package availed. Most companies get their mails forwarded to this location. In case, within the area, then the mails can be picked up from the office center. Calls answered by the professional receptionist is forwarded to the entrepreneur’s land line or cell phone or transferred to unified messaging system present in the voicemail and sent to email as attachment.

What to do if the client is eager to visit the office?

With virtual offices, the entrepreneur has the flexibility to work from any place desired with the benefit of having prestigious and professional location to meet clients. Ranging from small office spaces to conference rooms, there are several physical meeting rooms to choose, depending upon the virtual office setup. It allows maximum flexibility for the business and to entertain clients when necessary.

The above FAQs will clearly help the aspiring entrepreneur to take the right and well informed decision when hiring virtual office.

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