Why is PVC Strip Used for Cold Storage Areas?

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By Lucia Adams

Cold storage warehousing is an essential part of many industries including the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries wherever a product must be kept at a set temperature. Correct storage ensures that the optimum ‘shelf life’ of the products can be maintained, the spoilage and loss of stock is much reduced and products can be transported to customers safely and in top condition.

How does a Cold Storage Area Work?

These operate along similar lines to a cold storage room in an industrial kitchen or retail business, but in the case of warehousing the need to be able to work as a fully functioning storage and distribution business can present difficulties when it comes to maintaining the correct temperature in order to preserve the quality of the products stored.

In some cases, this is achieved through the use of good quality insulation products. A large warehouse, for example, may use an industrial cooling system along with insulated doors and windows. The use of PVC Strip curtains is also prevalent in large and small businesses, whether large-scale distribution warehouses or industrial kitchens. In fact, their use is not limited to cold storage areas. They can be utilised in places like factories, air-conditioned rooms or spray-painting and welding areas, to name just a few examples. And there are different grades of PVC Strip available to suit different purposes. A cold storage area will require Polar Grade curtains, made to measure to ensure optimum efficiency.

Why Use PVC Strip Curtains?

These are made from a (usually) transparent material which is extremely effective at controlling and maintaining a set temperature, controlling humidity and keeping out dust, insects and other unwanted contaminants. In certain areas they can provide vital insulation from noise pollution. They are made to measure and fitted precisely, often with a partial overlap, between floor and upper hangers and will fit any size opening. The material is robust enough to withstand the frequent movement of people, trolleys and machinery through them on a daily basis without sustaining damage or tearing. PVC Strip does not fade, discolour or become brittle and it is easy to clean using site-appropriate cleaning products.

Most importantly, in using a Polar Grade PVC Strip for your cold storage area curtains you can be sure that the room temperature is maintained even whilst the curtains are opened during the movement of people or goods. Strip curtains are often used as a secondary or additional safety barrier – often with a freezer door or similar – in areas that require a freezing temperature. This is so that the movement through the doors is facilitated and the required temperature is still maintained.

Different Ways that PVC Strip Curtains Help

Aside from the obvious advantages of temperature and humidity control, the protection provided by strip curtains against noise, pollutants and external weather conditions can help to ensure a safe and comfortable work area for employees. In places where products are required to be kept at freezing temperatures, a PVC Strip curtain can help to protect vital filters and other components within the refrigeration systems. They can prevent dust and dirt from reaching areas which must be kept clean or sterile. Crucially, the shelf life of stored goods can be significantly protected or even extended.

Simple to Maintain

PVC Strip curtains are simplicity in itself to install providing they are made to the exact measurements required. Ease of maintenance and cleaning is a definite advantage in a busy work environment and should they need to be repaired or replaced this presents no difficulty either.

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