5 Bra Shopping Tips for the First-Time for Teenage Girls

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Teenagers nowadays are updated with different things such as pop culture and technology. They like to keep abreast of modern times. However, one of the personal things they should know about is shopping the right cute teen bra for the first time. Teen girls may try to look more mature and attractive but they tend to forget what is right for them in this aspect.

With the help of mothers or sisters, teen girls can actually find girls first bra that fits them well and appropriate for their age. Shopping for cute bras can also help to grow the bond between mothers and daughters. So, what are the friendly tips when bra shopping for the first time for teenage girls? Read them below:

Know the appropriate time to shop teen girl bra

So when should teenagers get to shop for her bra with her mom? The truth is there is no exact age because it is different for every girl. To give you estimation, girl teens get their very first bra between the ages of 10 and 14. Mothers should talk to their daughter and ask how she feels wearing a bra, ensuring that she supports her whenever the daughter is ready. Also, mothers should observe the puberty stage of her daughter especially developing breasts in her teen years.

Get her right bra measurement

This is the first and important process of shopping for a teen wearing bra for teenage girls. Even if mothers know how to take the measure of her daughter’s breasts, it is recommended that they ask for professional help. According to Sofyee, teen first bra fit specialists can really help to get the right size and may even recommend the type of bras that teenage girls should be wearing. Bra fit specialists may also educate the young girls about bras and how to wear them properly. If the teenage girl is shy to get fitted by a specialist, the mother should set an example and get fitted as well.

Know the different types of teen bra

The truth is, it can be too overwhelming to choose the right teen bra for young girls. Mothers should ask their daughters what she would like to wear and from there, the mother can make a recommendation of bras that can cover and support her. Recommended bra types of teen girls are a camisole, sports bra, and bralette.

  • Camisoles are great for early puberty development of teen girls. This type of bra will help her get used to wearing something around her boobs. They may not be good for coverage but it gives enough comfort.
  • Moreover, there is a sports bra that is designed for young girls who are active in school activities such as sports. It prevents the teen girls’ chest to bounce when doing activities like running.
  • Bralette, on the other hand, is like a bra with molded cups. However, they do not give much support. Usually, they are wireless and gives more coverage and shape than the camisoles.

Pick only an age-appropriate style

There are bras out there that are marketed towards teenage girls but they are designed for mature women. These bras are with lace and ultra-padded. When asking for the help of a teen bra fitter specialist, mothers can ask for suggestions for the right cute teen bra style for her daughter. Always consider bra style that is simple, plain, and gives enough support.

Always check the strap length

In wearing a bra, straps are essential for giving out full support for the chest. Since this is the first time that a teen wearing bra, it is especially important to check if the bra strap length can give support. If the daughter is petite, it is recommended to have a traditional adjustable strap, which can be shortened sufficiently. Other options are stretchy or elastic straps.

At the end of this context, we highly suggest shopping appropriate girls first bra that is more comfortable for your daughter. Also, remind that when you buy bras then make her feel comforts.

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