What Is Inside a Psychics’ Toolbox?

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Many psychics use divination tools during readings. Some of the most common tools for psychic readings include birth charts, crystals, pendulums, or decks of tarot, angel, or oracle cards. If you prefer to consult with a psychic who relies solely on intuition, you can seek out no tools psychic readings. Learn more about the various types of tools that psychics use, the difference between psychic tools and abilities, and how to find the right kind of reader for any inquiry.

Birth Charts and Pendulums

Psychics who use astrology know how to calculate birth charts. Your natal chart is based on the date, time and location of your birth. In addition to indicating your sun sign for the most popular astrology predictions for Scorpio zodiac or other signs, the standard Western birth chart is divided into 12 houses. Astrologers interpret the precise placement of planets in these houses to better understand your personality and life path.

In addition to astrology, numerology, and other complex systems, astrologers can also use physical tools for divination purposes. A pendulum consists of a weight connected to a chain or cord that can swing freely or be guided by electromagnetism or other unseen energies. Psychics with training in this method can factor the movements of these tools into readings.

How Clairvoyance Comes Into Play

Clairvoyance or clear seeing is a psychic ability. Abilities are inherent to psychic readers, whereas tools are material aids. A clairvoyant or a psychic who has other types of abilities can do readings with or without tools. The right service makes it easy to find psychics based on abilities or tools and to find readers who are strictly intuitive and do not use any tools.

The ability of clear seeing can be particularly helpful for certain types of inquiries, such as lost objects readings. Similar clear senses include clairaudience, or clear hearing, and clairsentience, or clear feeling. You can narrow down psychics based on abilities, tools or reading topics to select the right reader for any inquiry.

Tarot Card Readings

Cartomancy refers to all methods of divination that involve cards. Tarot cards are powerful tools that have been used in readings for centuries. You can also find psychics who use angel cards or oracle cards. Many people resonate with the combinations of imagery and numerology on these cards.

The type of reading you seek can factor into your preferences regarding psychic abilities and prediction tools. You can opt to connect with psychic mediums online + by phone. While you may not be able to see the cards in a reading, you can note which cards turn up during a reading and look up the cards later for further reflection. 

You can choose to get a reading from a psychic who uses tools or connect with a pure intuitive reader. Factor in the type of query and whether a reading will take place in person, via online chat, or over the phone to determine whether to seek out a reader who uses predictive tools.

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