Most valuable pieces of jewelry in the world

Jewelry is considered the most important and precious possession that anyone can have. They have also been called the best gift or present to give someone, whether it be during an occasion, a celebration or in recognition of good works. Many men around the world have used jewelry to enchant women and appreciate them for their efforts. Hence it should come as no surprise that the world owns the costliest and precious pieces of jewelry that have become popular and have achieved world-famous status. Now let’s take a look at the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world.

The Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Diamonds are among the most popular gemstones out there. For many, they are also the most precious ones and that’s why they are often used in gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. This 106-carat diamond has long been known as the largest and most expensive diamond in the globe. It was first heard in 1526 when it belonged to Babur, one of the victors of India. The name, Koh-I-Noor Diamond, which implies mountain of light, immediately became popular when the British Empire captured it. It was later presented to Queen Victoria in 1985 to make up for the war and the defeat of Punjab in 1849. This diamond was displayed at Crystal Palace in London. People who saw fortunate to see it first were disappointed when they stated that it wasn’t attractive or as bright as they thought. This led Queen Victoria to cut it from an attractive 186 carats to 106 carats as seen lately and enhance its attractiveness and luster. The queen later said that all queens should wear the diamond. It was said that if a man wore it, it will bring bad luck. Witchcraft that endures to this day. After the death of Queen Victoria, this diamond was presented to other queens as it became a crown jewel. Since then, Queen Alexandra has worn, and most recently the Queen Mother. Currently, the diamond is located at the Tower of London with other crown jewels.

The Graff Pink

One of the most valuable jewels on the market. It was sold to Laurence Graff for £ 29 million in 2010. This was the most amount of money anyone has ever paid for a gem. The jewels originally belonged to Graff, who called it Graf pink after his name. I mean, who wouldn’t have mentioned something special after his name? The diamond was pink and that made it more valuable and popular. This result is believed to be due to the way this 24.78-carat diamond absorbed light while being generated within the earth over millions of years. Similarly, David Bennett, director of Sotheby’s international jewelry division, said that the great value of this stone is both the result of its emerald green disc and its purity. Most often, the emerald cut is applied only for white diamonds and that is the reason blue or pink diamonds with emerald cuts are intensely used.

Heart of the Ocean

The list will not be complete without mentioning the jewels of the heart of the ocean. This jewelry chain was first seen in public in 1997 after Rose wore it in “Titanic.” Although the accessory used in this movie was just a prop, the movie stimulated the real-world version for that year’s Oscars. The actress who played the role of Rose, Gloria Stuart, wore the same necklace of a 15-carat blue diamond valued at more than £ 15,000,000. This made it one of the most valuable and expensive jewels in the globe. There are other Heart of the Ocean necklaces that were designed and one worn by Garrard and Aspery had 170 sapphires and 65 round cut diamonds. This was heavily stimulated by the movie. Celine Dion later wore it at the Oscars, where she sang the movie’s featured song, My Heart Will Go On. It was later sold for a total of £ 2.2 million.

Princess Diana’s Engagement

Princess Diana wore an 18-carat Ceylon sapphire ring, generally worn by the loyal family, during her engagement to Prince Charles. It immediately became the most expensive gem in the globe. This gemstone has 17 round brilliant-cut diamonds. Well, it looks and sounds like a beautiful ring, right? During this time, Diana’s love for the sapphire ring sparked controversy, largely because she opted it herself at Garrard of Mayfair, rather than getting one custom-made just for her, as was the norm. But Princess Diana later became a stylish and fashionable personality and soon followed her first “controversial” engagement ring, turning out to be the popular and stylish engagement rings. Years later, in 2010, Prince William used the same ring to propose to Kate Middleton. Once again, sales of sapphire engagement rings skyrocketed and many people rushed to purchase them. Given their value, clarity, and rarity, it’s simple to see how these pieces of jewelry have gained popularity.

The ‘Doubly Fortunate’ Necklace

This jewel is also included in our list, as it is one of the worthiest pieces of jewelry in the world. The “Doubly Fortunate” necklace consists of the rarest valuable stones. Jadeite. This stone has a net value of 2.3 million pounds per carat. So imagine how rich you will be with around 10 carats. However, it is not surprising that this diamond was auctioned for £ 7 million. Despite the fact that jadeite can grow naturally in various colors, the high cost of the doubly Fortunate necklace is due to its unrivaled blend of deep and rare green color and an almost ethereal transparency.


For many years’ diamonds have been an obsession of people all across the world. The beauty and value of diamonds is appreciated more than any other gem. They are regarded as the most popular stone used in engagement and wedding rings and are a symbol of undying love. Diamonds are also a favorite in other jewelry as well. Visiting our website is important because there are endless possibilities in having stunningly beautiful jewelry.

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