Matta Narcos: A Real Story of Juan Matta Ballesteros

Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros also known as Matta Ballesteros or Matta Narcos is a previous chief narcotics trafficker that first connected Colombian cartels of cocaine with drug traffickers of Mexico. He was born on 12th January 1945 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This connection increased the quantity of smuggling of cocaine in the US from 1970 to 1980. Matta Narcos was one of those narcotics traffickers who accused the case of murder and kidnap of Enrique Camarena, DEA mediator of America in the year 1985.

In the year 1988, Juan was under arrest at his residence for a contentious operation by both American and Honduran governments and in use to the United States, from where he tried so many trials for drug smuggling actions and the part in the murder and kidnap case of Camarena. At last, he was feeling guilty for drug smuggling plus the participation in kidnapping not for the murder of Enrique Camarena. But in the year 2017, his certainty for the Camarena’s kidnapping case was inverted since for the blemished forensic evidence worn in his experiment.

Matta narcos remain in jail, serving his life decree for drug punishment at United States penitentiary, Canaan which is a very high-security centralized jail in Pennsylvania. From the report of February of the year 2021, Matta is surviving his ruling at United State Medical Center for Prisoners, Missouri.

# Early career:

Information about his career and early life is very tentative. According to an online website, Matta was born in the central valley of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, and the second child of four children. He had three children named; Claudia matta, Juan Ramón matta, and Maria matta. Several newspaper sources claimed that he immigrated illegitimately to the US as a youngster and was also deported more than a few times and returned each time with several names. In 1970 Matta was arrested for entering the country with a false passport but he runs away from the prison camp. In 1974 he was arrested by Mexican authorities for selling 10kg of cocaine.

# United state drug smuggling operations (1989s):

Though matta was occupied with major smuggling operations of cocaine in the early 1980s in 1984, matta was indicted in the smuggling ring of Van Nuys. In 1981 the ring resulted in the attack of 50kg of cocaine plus an overall 1.9 million dollars in hard cash after that the circle also generated 73 million dollars cash in immediately nine months. In 1985 Matta was once more indicted with a cocaine smuggling hoop that was operating in southern California and Arizona. This ring was exposed in 1984 and seizes about tons of cocaine in addition to gets 7.8 million dollars in hard cash.

#Involvement in kidnapping and murder case of Camarena:

In February 1985, matta was arrested for involvement in the murder and kidnapping case of Enrique Camarena, US DEA agent. Law enforcement of the United State continued to trail Matta and they traced Matta at Cartagena in April 1985. But after one year he escaped from prison and later on that year he came back to his country Honduras.

#Arrest & removal to United State:

The Honduran foundation had forbidden the transportation of citizens of Honduran and for 2 years Honduran government discarded U.S. requirements to hand over Matta narcos. Lastly, in April of 1988, the police of Honduras put Matta in prison and placed him on an aircraft to Dominican democracy. The Dominican authorities then placed him on air travel toward Puerto Rico with the United States Marshals, and also arrested Matta after they came into the United States country. On the day behind Mattas banishment, 1,000- 2,000 college students from National Autonomous University in Tegucigalpa marched to the U.S. task force to protest. Throughout the protests that lasted for 2 days, the deputation became set on conflagration, and 5 college students had been killed.

#Conviction & incarceration:

Matta also appealed his certainty several times. In 1995, finally, the US Court of Appeals for 9th circuit set up that the US Supreme Court, during 1992 edict on an additional defendant into the similar case that brought to US by kidnapping more than extradition. He also appealed that grounds he was also burned and beaten with the electric stagger gun. Currently, matta is held at US penitentiary, an elevated security centralized prison camp in Pennsylvania.

#Link between Guadalajara cartel and Matta Narcos:

Some writers claimed that Juan Matta had a vital role in the configuration of the Guadalajara cartel, and brokering several deals between Mexico smugglers and cocaine suppliers of Colombian and preliminary Mexican smugglers within his transporting of Colombian cocaine business in the US in1975. In the 1980s, matta became very wealthy and working more than a thousand people in his business. He also invested in several businesses such as coffee, spice, tobacco, cattle in Honduras. In that time Matta earned $5 million in a week and a report said that he compensated 50 million dollars to the Bolivian to defend his narcotics from the law.

#The contras and Matta Narcos:

The United States council research investigation establishes an air shipping organization managed via the means of Matta changed into utilized by the United State authorities to deliver the anti-authorities rival rebels within Nicaragua. Lastly, according to the Kerry Committee file, SETCO, Honduran airline changed into “the primary organization utilized by Contras in Honduras toward move materials and employees for  Honduras-primarily based totally FDN, sporting as a minimum one million round of food, ammunition, uniforms and different navy materials intended in favor of the Contras as of 1983-85. According to the 1983 US civilization file that the Kerry Committee file cites, “SETCO aviation be an employer shaped via way of means of American businessmen who’re handling Matta and other smuggling narcotics in the US.

#Dismissal of kidnapping charges of Camarena:

Actually, matta was charged for the kidnapping case, not for the slaughter of the DEA agent Camarena. Cervantes, a security guard of the cartel attorney testified that Juan Matta was there when Enrique’s kidnapping discussion was held at the attorney’s house. FBI forensics expert Michael Malone confirms that fiber evidence and hair of matta were found in the place where Enrique Camarena was detained.

# In most popular culture:

Netflix premiered a crime drama television series named “Narcos: Mexico” produced by Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard on 16th November 2018 which is based on Mexico’s illegal drug trade and the role of Matta Narcos played by Vladimir Cruz.

Narcos Mexico originally was planned to be the 4th season of the Netflix series and it got extreme popularity and that’s why Netflix premiered its second season. In the second season, we saw the ongoing Guadalajara Cartel. However, people are very excited to know about Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros and what happened to him.

In this series, you can know about the drug smuggling business as well as matta narcos.

# Conclusion:

Matta became a billionaire and everybody throughout the world wants to know what happened to matta. I think this article will help you to know about him. And if you want to know more you can watch his biography “Narcos: Mexico”


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