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Sweet childhood memories are all about exciting parties and elaborate costumes for kids. These are precious moments that allow our children to conjure up fantasies and channel their creative energy. Costume parties are a great way for children to discover their personality.

The simple act of mimicking their favorite superheroes or historical characters can be empowering and educating. We strongly encourage parents to indulge in planning costumes and putting together elaborate outfits.

With that thought in mind, we have created an exciting roundup of trendy costume ideas for your little ones.

Here, take a look:


Children adore Marvel comics and superheroes. Be it Batman, Iron man or Superman, or even Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel. Boys and girls adore envisioning themselves as superheroes with secret superpowers to save the world. A costume party is an exciting opportunity to dress up as their favorite superheroes. These costumes are incredibly easy to put together as they are easily available at most stores for affordable rates.

Disney Princesses

Little girls adore Disney princesses, and their wildest dreams contain adorable tulle dresses and sparkly tiaras. Disney-themed birthdays have always been a raging trend amongst little girls, and this trend is never dying out. All girls want to throw princess-themed birthdays and parties just for a chance to dress up as their favorite characters.

You can choose any given princess that your little girl adores. Some love Elsa, while others adore Anna, Princess Jasmine, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid or even Princess Belle. Luckily, these costumes are also easily available across different online stores.

Cartoon Characters

Another fascinating idea that will keep your children hooked and captivated for days. Cartoon characters are always a favorite, and this is an easy theme to coordinate an exciting party supplies and décor. You can pick out any given cartoon series, or allow children the freedom of dressing up as their favorite characters.

Greek Mythology

Here is an exciting way to incorporate a strong fashion sense with a powerful lesson in history: costumes for kids inspired by Greek Mythology. History could not possibly become more fun and engaging!

You can introduce your children to a wide array of inspiring characters; for instance, brave warriors like Achilles and Hercules, or even the Greek Gods, like Zeus and Hades. Girls can pick out elaborate and beautiful Greek costumes impersonating popular figures, like Venus, Aphrodite or even Artemis, the Goddess of War.

Fairies & Elves

Another whimsical theme that will allow children to witness a striking fantasy come to life. Little girls can dress up as fairies in beautifully tailored tulle dresses and floral outfits. Boys can dress up a wide range of fairy characters, including cupids, elves, dwarfs, goblins and more. The idea is too delightful to pass on. You can pick out a wide range of trendy fairy-like outfits, strappy gowns and tulle skirts.

Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is always an adorable choice for toddlers and little ones. You can pick out cute outfits impersonating cats, dogs, cows and even elephants. You can always create a trendy party looks by picking leopard print dresses or tights, with a feline makeup look. There is an abundance of ideas to explore, and you can shop a wide range of affordable animal costumes.

Game of Thrones

Children may not understand the stories of the realm of Westeros, but everyone is familiar with the outfits and characters. Game of Thrones costumes are trending super-hot, and there is no reason for children to miss out on the fun. Allow your little girl to flaunt a bold and structured Deanery’s-inspired costume or even a floor-sweeping Cersei-like gown. While the boys can join the men of the night’s watch in all black.

Child’s Play

The timeless tale of killer dolls underwent a glorious revival this year, and Child’s Play has emerged as a major party costume trend. Parents can help an exciting time dressing up their kids as demented dolls with striped shirts, red hair and blood-stained overalls.

What is on the Menu?

Food items have always been a timeless and adorable trend for designing toddler costumes for kids. You can dress up your little muffin as a fluffy, fried egg with the sunny side up. Donuts, pizzas, burgers, and pies are some more insanely cute ideas.

Historical Figures

Yet another exciting idea to turn a fun costume party into a memorable history lesson. Allow your children to pick out a historical character for their outfit. You can walk them through the historical significance of the character, and work together to create the outfit. You can choose from popular politicians, presidents, authors, world leaders, or even revolutionaries. For instance, Nelson Mandela, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mother Teresa, Jackie Kennedy, and many others.


It is always a great idea to allow your child to be a part of the costume planning experience. Allow them to pick their character and work with them to create an elaborate outfit. We hope our ideas helped inspired just the look you were hoping to create!

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