Top 5 Most Fun Places To Visit in Portugal

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Portugal is one of the most visited travel destinations in Europe. With its rich history, culture, and climate among other adorable features, travellers will mostly want to find their way to this prestigious country. There is a lot of what you would want to see and encounter whether travelling as an individual or as a group. The country is not short of fun places that one can visit.

Here are the top 5 most fun places to visit should you take your next travel trip to Portugal:

#1. Algarve


If you ever travel to Europe, one of the things you must do is golfing in Portugal Region Algarve. You can get Algarve golf holiday assistance as you also encounter a great experience of the sunny Mediterranean climate and other features in the region. This is the place to see historic sites, great beaches, picturesque towns and magnificent cuisines. All these can be found in Algarve, which is located in the southern part of the country and is home of great experiences for travellers coming from around the world.

#2. Porto


This city is renowned for the manufacture of fine port wine.  Porto stretches along hills in the region with a beautiful site of Douro River to the northern part of the country. Right at the center of the city is a good looking pedestrian zone. Other things to enjoy in the region is the food in restaurants, cafes and street vendors operating throughout the city. Travelers can enjoy live music at their own pleasure during their stay in Porto.

#3. Lisbon


The capital city, Lisbon is definitely one of the fun places you will want to be should you visit Portugal. While at this city, you can enjoy staying along the Tagus river banks and the Atlantic Ocean breeze. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, then Portugal’s capital is the place to visit. This is the place for enchanting warm weather, Gothic cathedrals, beautiful neighborhoods, interesting alleys and conventional fado music among other things.  Lisbon is host to many fun and historic activities that can make your stay in Portugal a lot enjoyable!

#4. Madeira


Visit Madeira for inviting lush green landscapes, wines and flower gardens. Madeira, commonly known as the “Floating Garden of the Atlantic” because of its location in the Atlantic Ocean between North Africa and Portugal has great sceneries such as the Laurissilva Forest hosting the highest laurel vegetation around the world and the Orchid Garden. Get a chance to see fortresses, tourist restaurants, historic churches and great spectacular views of the ocean. You can access this region via Portugal should you find yourself there.

#5. Sintra


Located in between the Sintra Mountains foothills to the coast of Lisbon, Sintra is the place to go for a great view of green and lush hills. It is just a day’s journey from Lisbon and is home to good-looking castles, villas, palaces and royal retreats. These present historic features of the mid-1800s architecture. This is where most royal families in Portugal come to retreat during their leisure moment.  The region has forested neighborhoods characterized by exotic flowers, plants and trees.  There are many historic sites and beauty to behold in this region.

Final Remarks

Portugal presents a lot of travel destinations to travelers coming from different parts of the world. Owing to its rich culture and history, the country boasts of one of the ancient forms of architecture and landscapes to enjoy. Fun activities to do in different parts of Portugal ranging from hiking to sporting events such as golf. If you have plans to visit Portugal, these 5 destinations can get you going.

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