Men’s Designer Glasses- Look Like a Nerd or Like a Classic

Gone is the time when the fashion industry was highly women-centric, now there are men centric designers, men centric accessory brands and same goes for the advancement in the eyewear brands, there are men’s designer glasses that are crafted for the bespectacled men. So that they can also pull out some styles in the same way as of their favourite stars. Styling according to the occasion is always a great matter of concern. There are these designer frames that can sprinkle charm to your day-to-day looks.

Choose your glasses as many times you choose your shoes, your watches, and lit.

1. Round glasses:

Add them to your wardrobe to gain roll the thumb and 3 fingers up. Round glasses can always look classic, funky, or sporty depending on their fusion with different colours and shapes that have made them more rocking.

  • A translucent texture round glasses:
    Your round glasses are a star and they have just got revamped by the milky shade unique coloured frame, or a crystal coloured frame to have a nerdy or geek look. They are the perfect choice for a serious look day and match any of your formal outfits.
  • Matte finish frames:
    The round frames with a bug frame size is also a good option for a classic appeal. The common matte colour that can suit any formal attire is black but you can buy it in many other colours that can perfectly. match your dress code. You can also have a frame in Havana colours to look stunning and can also look trendy at the same time.

2. Wayfarer glasses:

Your wayfarer is always the classics that have stayed from years and have modernised with the changing eyewear industry. With the wayfarers there is a common saying the bigger the better but you need not worry if the big frames hide your face’s charm.

  • Thick wayfarers: One of the proving eyewear styles that can never go out of fashion is of these thick wayfarers that can impart high-street fashion sense to your formal, your parties, and can even pull out a good date look for you. Choose it in a basic darl colour for the formal events and you can choose unique frame colour as Havana Blue, Havana and tortoise colour, or have your frames in dual colour to look charming.

3. Aviator glasses:

Gone are the days when your favourite think metal frames especially a classic teardrop just used to be the part of aviator sunnies. Now let the metal frames beat some prescription or plain glasses. You can have these perfect metal aviator type frames to look totally on-trend and have a frame that is inspired by the old-school look but is your prescription partner.

Thinking where you can buy these men’s designer glasses?

Wish to be the cool dude or a nerdy geek there are frames for every occasion available at on the leading eyewear brand of UK-Specscart. There are designer prescription glasses as well as plain glasses in a very wide variety. They will help you in choosing a frame that suits your face shape, your skin tone and according to the occasion for which the frame will be highly suitable.

Designer Glasses

Already have frames but need to reglaze glasses?

There are times when we have chosen our frames, or we are in love with the buddy frames but the lenses got scratched or broken. You feel your lenses are not according to your frames, or as per your expectations. You can bring your frame at Specscart so that the frames can get new lenses at an affordable price. You will get Anti-glare, Anti-UV, and scratch and shock resistance coating at a price that will leave you in shock. One can even think of reglazing glasses if you want transition lenses or X-Blue lenses. Put the eye-strains, eye fatigues, and all the problems associated with your eyes at bay as Specscat is there to be your high-street fashion partner with clear lenses.

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