Tips On Introducing Calligraphy To Your Child

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Introducing Calligraphy
Children adore getting creative with activities such as painting, drawing, and coloring. Arts and crafts are always a favorite pastime for little ones, as it allows them to channel their creative side. Calligraphy is an excellent activity to encourage your kids to broaden their creative horizons.

It’s an activity that will allow them to enhance their penmanship and genuinely enjoy the art of writing. Many children struggle with cursive writing, as it can be challenging for them to grasp. However, if you can teach your children this dynamic art form, it will help them advance their writing skills. Calligraphy is a historical art and cultural tradition, and unusual activity to keep your little ones hooked for hours.

If you’re bothered about how to get started, this article has some valuable information to offer.

Let’s take a look at some useful guidelines to introduce your children to the art of calligraphy:


As is the case with any new activity, the first step is to hook them in and capture their interest. Children are only enthusiastic about learning something new when they are genuinely fascinated by it. You can hook in their interest by introducing them to the history of calligraphy and then encourage them to create their masterpieces.

You and your child can trace the historical roots of calligraphy, dating back to 5000 years. You can browse through historic calligraphy artifacts on the internet, or visit museums to see them in-person. You can show them Chinese clay pots featuring calligraphy, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Arabic manuscripts, and medieval art. Take them on a fascinating journey of exploring the roots of calligraphy over the centuries, and its significance in modern times.

Once you’ve hooked them in, it will be much easier to gain their attention and absorb them in the art of calligraphy.


Be sure to invest in calligraphy pens, nib and pen holders, dipping ink, calligraphy papers, and guide sheets. Supplies are essential to help them understand the art and capture their interest. Children always get excited and encouraged when they buy new stationery and supplies. You need to invest in a comprehensive guide sheet and tracing exercises.

Once they start tracing, it will become much easier for them to create the text on their own.


YouTube has made it incredibly easy for us all to learn any given craft that we want, and calligraphy is no different. You can find countless easy and enjoyable calligraphy exercises and videos to help your child understand the basics. While joining a calligraphy class may seem like an attractive option, it can also be burdensome for your kid.

You want to present calligraphy as a fun activity rather than yet another obligation between school and homework. YouTube tutorials are an enjoyable and comfortable strategy to learn the craft without feel overly burdened. They can learn the correct method of holding the pen and the right strokes for various letters and styles.


Children are always encouraged to form habits when they exposed to an elaborate environment. For instance, a lovely reading nook will encourage them to develop the habit of reading. Similarly, creating a calligraphy corner will help promote this new habit of fancy writing.

So, just clear up a small corner and set up a table with all their calligraphy supplies and books.  Set up the supplies in an elaborate display with pen holders, ink, and papers. Having their calligraphy setup will encourage them to create their masterpieces.


It is advisable to invest in books and calligraphy resources. Calligraphy can be an intricate art to teach, and you will need all the help you can get. Be sure to invest in child-friendly books and resources to guide your child towards this fancy writing technique.

Self-help books are always a great idea. It is also advisable to indulge in activities with your child. Children always perform better when adults are willing to indulge in the same actions as them. So, carve out some time to enjoy calligraphy lessons and activities with your little one once or twice a week.


Aiming for perfection and highlighting mistakes can quickly turn a fun activity into a stressful one. Children get discouraged rapidly, and as a parent, if you focus too much on perfection, you can impede their skills. Allow them to have fun with the pen instead of focusing too much on the results. Let them guide their creativity and enjoy the art of calligraphy to create their masterpieces.


We sincerely hope our tips prove helpful in steering your child’s interests towards the art of calligraphy. Remember, it’s all about introducing a new activity that will heighten their creative senses and encourage fancy penmanship.

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