Dalgona Coffee: Best Trending Recipe During Quarantine

Almost the whole world is under house arrest in lockdown. All the work is going on sitting at home. Just as many people are becoming restless after not being able to get out of the house, many people are honing their creativity after getting the opportunity after a long time. Some are drawing, some are singing, some are writing poems. But everyone from celebs to the general public is spending more time in the kitchen. Besides tidying up the house, everyone is amazed at the variety of cooking. Who has never made a cup of tea, is also making all the cumbersome dishes. And it is being posted on social media. Quarantine cooking is now the most popular on social media. But all of a sudden, the Dalgona coffee hit the lockdown. Ordinary coffee is given a new look in terms of art.

What Is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is foamy and the sugary beverage made with instant coffee powder, sugar, and boiled water. During the worldwide lockdown, this dish is the new trend on social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Dalgona Coffee is the most searched type of coffee at Google trends. People overtaking this coffee at the highest peaks of interest than other coffee during this Quarantine and it also named ‘Quarantine coffee’. Staying at home people making videos of Dalgona Coffee and it is the most popularized homemade dish during Coronavirus pandemic.

Why So Much Excitement about This Dalgona Coffee? What Is The Secret Behind This?

It is common that so easy and eye-catching dishes go viral immediately, so for this recipe, it is normal. You need fewer ingredients to make this tasty coffee. Now let’s know the history behind this Dalgona Coffee:
The origin of this coffee is on the Indian continent. Historians say so. This coffee was popular in India and Pakistan. But the name was not Delgona. At that time it was known as Pheti hui Coffee. Because it is said to be made like whipped foam. But now the path is much longer.
It is known that the word ‘Dalgona’ is South Korean. A type of sponge toffee is called ‘Dalgona’ in the local language. That toffee is known as ‘Honeycomb Toffee’ in different countries of the world. Because after biting this toffee, the inside looks like a beehive.
The method of making this coffee is discussed among netizens on the South Korean YouTube channel and Tiktok. Then it spread like wildfire in the online world.

Who created this Dalgona Coffee?

The country’s most popular actor, Jung Il-woo, went to Glasshouse Mountains Coffee, a special region controlled by China. Having a drink there, he feels like it tastes like his own country’s Dalgona toffee.
Jung Il-Woo shared this experience on a TV show back home from Macau. After that, the trend of Dalgona coffee started spreading. During coronavirus, it became popular as a challenge. From stars to ordinary people, everyone is making this coffee and posting it on social media.
However, not all Dalgona coffee contains the Dalgona ingredient. South Korea’s Honeycomb Toffee Candy will be the only real Dalgona coffee.

How To Make Dalgona Coffee?

Make Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is the most trending viral recipe which was first appeared in the Tiktok social site. Making this delicious and tasty recipe at home is so easy. So let’s start this recipe with fun way:

Ingredients of this recipe:

• Instant coffee powder- 2 tablespoons
• Hot water- 2 tablespoons
• Sugar- 5 tablespoons
• Cold Milk- 2 cups
• Ice cube, needed

Instructions for preparing this recipe:

At first, mix well sugar, hot water, and coffee in a bowl. It is better to have an electric beater or hand beater. If you do it with a spoon, it takes a lot of time. Shaking it very well then will make foam. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes.

Now pour milk in the cup with ice cubes. Spread the foam on top. Garnish with coffee powder and chocolate. You can give Choco chips or chocolate biscuit pieces. Now your Dalgona coffee prepare.

Now you can serve this tasty drink. However, before using milk, take it with firewood.
Remember one thing, if you add more sugar then you need more coffee and milk.

Taste of Dalgona Coffee:

Most of the makers of this recipe at their own home say that the drink had a strong flavor of coffee that is not a bad thing for the coffee lovers. If anyone doesn’t want a bitter drink then they can mix their needed amount of sugar for overpowering. It looks pretty and also tastes delicious when it separated with the whip on the top and it gets much bitter and creamy taste when all combined.

Is Dalgona coffee overhyped?

Where this coffee is making a buzz on social sites and becomes the biggest trend over the internet world, this drink also criticized for being overhyped. Many professional home chefs mark a question about this coffee, is this Dalgona Coffee really delicious or overhyped? Let’ view the online survey’s results to know the reality.
Forty percent netizens remark that this drink is completely overhyped, thirty percent of netizens remark that it is worthy to drink and fifteen percent feel that they don’t want to try this and the other fifteen percent don’t want to talk about this.
So now the question is why it is getting so popular? According to experts during lockdown time people have nothing much more to do and the power of the visual effects easily attract people and pleasing people with camera tactics. So curious people want to know everything which is new and trending. It is the cause of the popularity of this drink.

How much it takes time to prepared?

Making this whipped coffee is so simple and it is the part of instant coffee crystals. The experiment with sugar makes this much better and faster. Dalgona coffee isn’t possible if you make it with coffee beans. When it is getting popularity then in South Korea it has become a menu offering at many coffee shops. You don’t need so many times to prepare this recipe, you just need a minimum 10 minutes.

How to make Dalgona coffee without a mixer?

Here are some easy ways to make this coffee without a mixer and that will give you perfect whipped texture. For this, you need more time.

Use spoon:

If you haven’t an electric mixer, then you can use a fork or spoon to mix coffee together. It takes more time to prepare but you get good results.

Use whisk:

Lots of Dalgona coffee making videos on social sites show the use of whisks to mix the ingredients together. It may more time than an electric mixer but you will get a pleasing result.

Shake it up:

If you need creative result then shake it up instead of a whip. You can use plastic bags for shaking the ingredients of this coffee. It gives you better results. You can try this with a water bottle

Use milk frother:

Electric milk frother gives you good result and it is the mini version of an electric mixer. But it may a little bit hard for you.


It is very important to always experiment with new recipes. Making creative and simple dish can inspire us to show our creativity in front of the world.

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