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Greeting card themes can be around the holiday season, wedding, birthday, and more. People send them to family, friends, business associates, and customers. Hence, you have to keep your range comprehensive and relevant for everyone. While business greeting cards will have a slightly formal tone, others can be casual, fun, and simple. However, one element can be common in all of them – a sense of warmth and connection. So, when you deal in this category, you have to be conscious of its material, design, graphics, and size. Every single component will have an extraordinary impact on the final result. Here are some suggestions to help choose these things carefully.

Do a thorough research

You need to understand the needs and desires of your customers before getting started with anything. Begin by checking the graphic designs trending everywhere. You can take inspiration from them and mix your touch to stand out from the crowd. Or, you can select a completely new thought process. For example, you can pick something from a famous TV show and use it as a quote. Another excellent source can be the latest news. No matter what, focus on your niche and take that direction. It will guide you through carving your brand presence. Today, minimalist designs, vibrant color codes, and asymmetric layouts are doing well. You can try some of these things.

Choose a card

When you use wholesale greeting card printing services, you get customization options for your card’s design. Usually, A5 can be the standard card size, while A6 can be relevant in smaller sizes. You have to look up your vendor’s platform for this. Similarly, you can focus on the shape of the card, which will be rectangular or square. With this, the choice of the envelope is also critical as you will send them via mail service. Amidst this, don’t forget about selecting the card material, which can be semi-gloss, high-gloss, and matte finish.

Nowadays, metallic foil greeting cards are also available. These are laminated cards with golden or silver foils. Customers can like them for their special festive effect. Other than this, writable greeting cards also make a great option. These work with people who enjoy sending handwritten notes for a personalized touch. Since everyone is turning eco-friendly, the uncoated, environmentally friendly card designs in writable format can be a hit.

Work on the color

The choice of shade for the greeting cards has to be complementary and suitable for the occasion. Suppose you want to design Christmas cards. Everyone knows colors red and green are standard picks. You can include these and think of some more appropriate variety also, such as icy blue tone. Or, something with gold, ruby, and emerald shades representing wintery lights can also do the trick. If you make birthday cards, you don’t have to restrict yourself to designs. On this happy occasion, every bright color becomes a default choice. What do you do with wedding themes? Well, these greeting cards can be either invites or congratulatory. For them, watercolors, jewel tones, and marble backdrops with floral and geometric shapes work best.

Decide on the font

As stated already, every single element in a greeting card has its space. Since fonts can increase or decrease the effectiveness of the texts, you have to be careful about them, whether they are bold, funky, elegant, or something else. Sympathy, wedding, and other cards include cursive fonts for their elegance. Cursive texts feel personalized also. A humorous card can do with simple capital letters, Helvetica or Times New Roman. When you design birthday cards for children, you can select bold and clear fonts for them to read easily.

Write the perfect message

Any greeting card will be successful if it takes care of the message. Only a few with solid visual representations succeed in impressing. However, things can completely go awry even then if cards lack the proper messaging. So, pay attention to this. The sentence should pack a punch, whether it is a joke or something of sentimental value. Don’t worry about how many people will have a similar preference. Give them decent options so that they cannot overlook them.

Get the right size

You can make folded or flat greeting cards. The folded versions will have a hidden middle portion like books. A standard folded greeting card can be the size of 5″ x 7″. Flat cards come with two sides. These resemble a playing card. Although greeting cards can have many shapes and sizes, the default dimensions can be 4.25″ x 5.5″, 5″ x 7″, 4.5″ x 6.25″, and 4.25″ x 5.5″. Since standard sizes give you a wider scope to experiment with the finish and other details, you can stick to any of them for convenience.

So, if you want your greeting cards to sell, keep these factors in mind and make your offerings distinct from others.

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