A complete guide about Instagram: a playbook for marketers

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By Jaylin

There is no doubt in today’s world, Instagram is one of the most interesting mediums that can help you to promote your business. You may not know that not only is Instagram emerging as one of the most reliable mediums to share photos, it also has tons of new features that can help you to sell your product with ease.

As part of your marketing strategy, you should know about Instagram and the data related to it. In addition to that, it has tons of business features that can help you to grow your business and sell anything through buy Instagram followers.

More than that it has ranked 9th in google queries where people have searched. In addition, it has beaten Facebook or youtube in popularity. Furthermore, more than 56% of active customers follow one brand on Instagram whereas almost 76% of customers engage with the different brands.

Moreover, though it is primarily accessed through apps, people still preferred it as a better medium to market their product than the other mediums. In addition, it has outranked most of the apps on social media. Likewise, more than 1 billion people daily use Instagram and it makes Instagram second-highest using platforms than any other medium.

How demographics are so important for branding

Though Americans are the largest group of people who are in the audience on Instagram. However, they are not the majority of people like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia. In addition, these countries are with India: 120 million, Brazil: 95 million, Indonesia: 78 million, Russia: 54 million users daily use Instagram for more than 8 hours in a day. Moreover, even in the US, the number reaches between 130 to 150 million users.

Furthermore, more than that, over 14% of people in the US have never heard of Instagram. Likewise, you can understand why you have to understand your audience. However, you have to think aboutĀ Indian Instagram followers or Indonesian followers, and otherĀ parts of the world if you want to achieve global success. In addition, more than that western Europe saw almost 17% growth in Instagram. To get the best out of your branding, you should use an Instagram business medium in the proper location to get the best out of it.

Communication must be global

The main reason it is one of the global mediums for communication is a picture rather than any language. As a matter of fact, it has high international engagement as more than 80% of people belong from outside of the US.

Moreover, on Instagram, if you take a look over the demography 19 – 29 years old. Furthermore, over 32% of people live in urban areas whereas over 28% of people live in suburban areas. So, you can easily imagine how it can impact your brand.

The target for the young audience

According to data available, over 30% of Instagram users earn around $50,000 to $74, 999/year. Moreover, if you want to develop an effective marketing campaign you must know the demographic information and spending capacity of your client. Furthermore, as the younger generation is much more active you can use Instagram to attract them to your brand.

It is said that more than 60% of brands are always on Instagram. Likewise, most of these brands are so active that they post 4.9 times on average per week. In addition, you may post more or less but at the end of the day, if you keep this number on average to post on Instagram, you can increase the visibility of your brand without creating problems. Correspondingly, as per data, more than 89% of people from young generations are likely to click reputed brands on Instagram.


If you want a plan to sell anything from Instagram, you just have to make sure that you have the right information. Since Instagram has launched it has created a world record as millions of people have joined so far. Moreover, it is one of the most visited websites which has ranked among the top three websites. Finally, when you want to build the visibility and awareness of your products, check out the likes and feedback to buy real Instagram followers.

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