The Why, When, and How Roof Cleaning Portland Homes

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When it comes to your home in Portland, is roof cleaning ever a consideration? The inside of your home may be clean and well-maintained. Why? Because you see it every day, and you’re probably paying attention to things. From washing the dishes to dusting the shelves to cleaning the floors, not to mention the laundry, right?

And in addition to the daily chores, you’re making sure those monthly and quarterly, even yearly chores and tasks are done get done every so often. But what about the exterior of your home? You do the weekly mowing, bi-monthly hedge trimming, trim back tree limbs, and have the house painted every few years. What about a roof cleaning service for your Vancouver home?

The exterior of your home needs attention just like the interior does. Where you vacuum the interior, the exterior needs mowing. Where the interior needs dusting those high, hard to reach areas, the exterior needs the roof cleaned, even though it is high and hard to reach. Portland roof cleaning is just as important as cleaning the ceiling fans inside.

As a homeowner, it is important to realize that the exterior of your most valuable asset that you own – your home – needs a certain amount of attention from you as well as what you give the interior. Here we offer you some basic information about the essential value that a roof cleaning service in Washington state can offer you.

They Why, When And How Roof Cleaning Your Portland Home Should Be Done

 The Why Portland Roof Cleaning Is So Important

The first why we offer you is that a professional main roof cleaning service in Vancouver will make your home look better, cleaner, fresh, even new again. The curb appeal will drastically rise and if you’re placing your home on the market, this is something you want. Studies have shown that a home with a clean and fresh curb appeal will sell before a home that looks drab, old, and tired.

In addition to a roof cleaning service for your Washington state home improving the curb appeal immediately, it also removes all the debris like branches and leaves. This will minimize possible damage happening, like shingles getting knocked off. And it gets the algae, lichen, mildew, and moss off that can create serious damage to your roof if left alone.

When bacteria like algae and the rest are left untouched, they begin to eat away at the shingles. Shingles are made of materials that this stuff feeds on, so your roof is al 24/7/365 buffet of deliciousness for algae, lichen, mildew, and moss. What looks ugly to you and me looks like a yummy buffet to that stuff! A professional roof cleaning service in Portland will wash away all that stuff and make your roof healthier and safer.

The When Roof Cleaning Service For Vancouver Homes

The general recommendation from industry experts is to have a professional cleaning service for your Washington home annually. Depending on the area where you live, if there are a lot of trees around you, or your home is near a busy roadway, you may want to consider a professional roof cleaning for your Portland home twice a year.

The frequency of this isn’t to just keep your home looking clean and fresh, but it also provides a time for any possible issues to be addressed before they become big problems. And by big problems, this could lead to roof repairs or replacement. There have been times that insurance claims have been declined for roof repairs and replacements due to homeowner neglect. By having a professional roof cleaning service in Vancouver on an annual or bi-annual schedule can eliminate that from happening to you.

Roof Cleaning Service For Vancouver Homes

The How Roof Cleaning Service In Washington State Is Done

There are ladders, power washers, and plenty of products on the market where a homeowner can do their own roof cleaning of the Portland home, but will you get it done correctly and without damaging the roof, the siding, the landscaping, or your neighbor’s home?

A professional, skilledPortland roof cleaning company has trained staff. They have watched and observed others in this industry, and they have been tested. They have the proper ladder sizes and the safety equipment to avoid falls. They know the dangers and they know how to take precautions.

They will have not only the proper equipment and knowledge on how to use it, but they have the products that are strong enough to clean your roof without damaging the shingles, siding, your landscaping, or getting over-spray on your neighbors’ home and vehicles.

Make An Annual Inspection Routine

Set your calendar to remind you that it is time to have a visual inspection of your roof done at least once a year.  Then call a trusted professional Portland roof cleaning company that is bonded, certified, licensed, and has current references to offer you.

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