The Pick of the Pack: 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022

There are so many wonderful dog breeds, but there is a reason some dogs are more popular than others. Consider why the most popular breeds are so beloved when looking into dog breeds. 

These seven dog breeds are the most popular of 2022 for a good reason. Maybe one of them will fit into your household and can become a loving companion.

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are great dogs. They are considered very affectionate and loyal. Golden retrievers are known for being happy and wanting to please their owner. They also are very smart and work hard. 

This breed is excellent if you want easy training and a loyal furry companion. Golden Retriever Puppies are also great to train for hunting or service work. Golden retrievers can make great family pets. They can also be trained for more specialized work. 

Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers have remained a consistent favorite for years. This breed is known for being fun, playful, and energetic. These dogs require a lot of attention, but they are lovable and known for being great with children.

Labs are good family dogs who will provide excellent companionship and hours of fun. This intelligent breed loves to incorporate a challenge into their training routine and play. Training labs isn’t challenging due to their intelligence and energy. 

This breed is often a favorite among dog lovers because of its personality and intelligence.

German shepherd

This breed is known for its intelligence and easy trainability. German shepherds are often used as service dogs because they are smart and easy to train. They are very hardworking and robust. 

While loyal to their owners, they can be shyer around strangers than other breeds. German shepherds are energetic and will want a lot of exercise and mental stimulation from challenging play. 

French bulldog

This small dog breed is popular because it is easy to pick up and hold these dogs. Bulldogs are friendly and easygoing. They are playful but aren’t as energetic as most of the other famous breeds and tend to have more medical issues.

A French bulldog might be the dog for you if you want a popular dog that won’t require as much exercise and is suitable for a smaller living space. However, this breed of dog has a more stubborn personality, and training can be difficult.


Poodles can come in a lot of variety when it comes to size, but any sized poodle is a lovable pet. While poodles are known for their beautiful curly fur, they are also very smart and easy to train. Poodles are great dogs to take on outdoor adventures. 

This versatile breed is an excellent companion for anyone since they can be trained as show dogs or hunting companions. 


While Beagles are known for being loyal dogs, they are also fiercely independent. They are very active and have a great sense of smell, but because of their natural curiosity, they tend to be prone to running away and being hard to train. 

Beagles are very cheerful and fun pets who love companionship. This breed of dog was trained for hunting, but their fun and curious personalities make them great family dogs. Watch out for the mischief they can get up to when they get something good on their scent. 


This larger breed is very popular due to its size and protective nature. Despite their size and large muscular features, Rottweilers are very gentle dogs once they know someone. 

Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs with their size and aggression toward strangers. When a rottweiler is unfamiliar with someone, they are likely to become aggressive. 

This breed needs to be adequately trained and socialized, or else they can become overly aggressive, but if appropriately trained, they are loving pets who can provide.

Parting thought

There are many great dog breeds to choose from, and while the most popular may not always be the best, they are loved for a reason. You should research and find a dog that best matches your needs, but if you are looking for a new pup, consider these popular dog breeds as a contender for your new canine family member.

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