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Are you think you have a good vocabulary? And you want to taste it by playing games? If all of your answers are yes, then the word puzzle game is the best suitable option for you. Spending leisure time playing games is a long favorite for people of every age. Quardle game is the latest trending world puzzle game. After the release of the game, it takes only a few weeks to come close to its competitor.

When you play the game it will give you feelings of nostalgia for childhood memories days. Moreover, it gains overnight success over other word puzzle games, in the shortest time. Therefore, this game is popular among teens and adults, and other gag groups.

However, as we easily explained the game, it is not so easy. In some of the challenging levels, pro players really confused. But this type of challenging game helps a lot to sharpen the mind and enhance problem-solving skills.

What Is Quardle-

Word puzzle game is a popular game every decade. In the past times, it is mostly played on woodwork. However, the time has changed and now everything comes on the internet. Now we can play those types of word puzzle games on mobile and desktop.

Wordle game is a popular and old word puzzle game. Moreover, it is the most played game too. Here a player has to guess the correct 5 words in 6 guesses. This game gives a challenge and twist to players. Quardle is the advanced version of the wordle game. Here the gamer gets 9 guesses to give the correct 4 answers. It is not as easy as you think. Sometimes many experts who have a tight vocabulary can’t guess all the answers.

In the game, there is a today’s challenging mood. A player can play once a day. However, a player can go for an infinite mood to play for indefinite times. Your target has to complete the puzzle for winning the game. However, it is more difficult to play than a normal wordle game. However, we will give you tips and tricks to improve your skills.

  A Short History Of Quardle Game-

The concept of this puzzle game is derived from the popular word puzzle game wordle. In fact, some experts opine that this puzzle game is a modified version of Wordle. Moreover, the developer of the Quartdle game is the fan group of wordle. That is why, in the game, one can easily find the touch of wordle with some new extra features.

After the launch of the game, it quickly expanded on social media. Many adults, as well as teens, are very enthusiastic involved in it. They are keen to solve it with their utmost knowledge. In addition, they participate in various trivia and word games too. In conclusion, it is a perfect word game for a party and your leisure period.

After the whole day of work, your mind gets freshness with the touch of quardle. It is a very simple game to learn. However, it is not an easy game to play. You have to sharp mind and gives an effort to complete the puzzle.

The Creator Of The Game-

As the word puzzle game, wordle became famous and grabbed a huge share of the market, many developers want to make a game like it. One of them is David Mah, An Engineer by profession. He released the game on the second last day of January months.

However, there are a lot of problems when it first releases. For instance, on the gaming page, there were two keyboards. But, this was removed only after a few updates. Initially, some popular gamers of Ohio City can only play the game. But today in the world they captured a well enough share of the gaming market.

Facts Of The Game-

This game is very popular among pro players due to its highly challenging puzzles. If you want to sharpen your mind, definitely you should go for this puzzle game. You just need to log in to the website and play the word game.

There are a lot of benefits to playing this game. For instance, you can easily test your vocabulary skills. Moreover can learn new words from the vocabulary.

It will definitely sharpen your mind. Apart from that your patience level also increased with this game. In addition, it will boost your accuracy level too.

Experts said that it easily increases writing skills and speaking ability. Additionally, it offers kids to learn new words and gathered more stock of words.

How To Play The Game Online?

 In the past, the game went viral due to its simple features like a daily attempt to solve the challenge. Quardle word puzzle game is a completely free game. Moreover, you don’t need to install or download the game.

Follow the below steps to play the game-

  • Log in to the official website
  • After that, the gaming interface will be open
  • Thereafter, you will find puzzle gird and keyboard letters
  •  Now your turn to guess the words after putting letters in the box.
  • As you put a letter on the box, the color of the box will be changed.
  • The changing color will say the results.

Rules Of The Game-

When you open the quardle page, you will find, many empty boxes. They are in two by two grids. And every grid has five columns and nine rows. You need to guess five letters. After putting the first guess, you will find the box will show you a color.

  • If the box color arise green, that means, the letter is right and in the perfect position.
  • If the box color arises as yellow, that means, the letter is in the word but you are not putting it in the right place.
  • If the box color arises as grey, that means the letter is not in the word.

The Quordle game can be played from both mobile and desktop devices. But the interface of the game is so large that it can not appear on the screen at once. Therefore, you have to scroll down to play the game.

Know The Rules Of the Game With Examples-

This is a quardle interface with five columns and nine rows. You have to guess five letters and then press enter. After that, you will find the color of the boxes will change.

For instance, here we Put “WOMAN”. The word now appeared in each grid.

If we take the first grid, here “O” is found as a yellow color. That means the word has “O” letter. But it is not in the right place.

Now move on to the second grid. Here “O” is now green, which means the second word has “O” and it is in the right place. However, here “M”& “A” are Yellow. That means again, this word has “M” and A” but they are not in their place.

This is how you can guess the word. And you also have to remember that there are only nine guesses available to complete the puzzle.

Our Suggestions To Play The Game Like A Pro-

●    Begin With A Simple Word-

You have to put the first word very carefully. As it can break your game. Therefore, it became very important to put it consciously. You have to such types of words that have more vowels. Like, Adieu, here you will find four different vowels and one consonant. These types of words are the best Quardle Game.

●    Have Some Patience-

There is a common proverb “haste makes waste”. The sentence perfectly matches this game. If you are in a hurry to complete the game, you might make mistakes in a hurry. Therefore, don’t make mistakes on the word guessing time.

In the first word, you already used five letters, you get some of the correct letters. You have to try on the second attempt different, letters that you used first. Therefore you will get an overall idea of what can be in other words.

●    Keep A Note Is Your Attempt Number-

When you totally involved in the game, you might forget what is your attempt number. This is a very silly mistake. You can only hab 9 guesses. You might think it is more than enough. However, some pro payers can not get the puzzle in these 9 guesses.

Therefore, make a note of what is your attempt. On the other hand, you gave the required of minimum 4 guesses to correct a word. That means you can only have 5 turns to guess 4 words. Play carefully, and don’t waste your attempts by choosing and random word.

●    Practice Makes The Man Perfect-

As with everything, as you practice more, you will get more success. The same thing goes with quardle. There is much more practice option for you available in the game. You can sharpen your mind there and increase your gaming skills. Keep practicing more, until you get the touch of your own tricks to become a pro.

Is The Quardle Too Tough To Play?

There is no straight-cut answer to this question. If you are a new joiner of the game, you might see it a little bit harder. However, as you keep practicing it, it will be gradually easy for you. You need to guess the correct word within the nine guesses. That’s why your guess rate should be perfect. You can only give wrong answers four times. After that, you have to correct all the guesses.

In this game, there is a practice mode available. You can practice it whatever you want. As you practice it more, it will be easier for you.

Where Can I Found This Game?

The game will be found on their own website. You can go to Quordle.com for getting the game. The game is free for all and anyone can enjoy the game.


In conclusion, with a lot of research, we found, Quardle is already placed its name in the word puzzle game market. Many experts also opined that playing the game is very helpful for sharpening the mind and assembling more stock of words.

In this article, we discuss all information about the Quardle game. Hopefully, you get a better idea of the game. In addition, we share tips for playing the game to become a pro. Follow those tips and play the game.

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