The Cheapest and Most Effective Can-Am Maverick Accessories

Not only are the Can-Am Maverick accessories helpful to the driver and make driving more accessible, but they also help protect the vehicle from wear and tear. In this article, we will cover the cheapest and most useful accessories that you can buy for your Can-Am Maverick.

1. Custom Accessories Dirt Digger Shifter

Custom accessories are a big brand in automotive parts, specializing in all sorts of modded accessories such as signals and seats. However, one of the most popular products they sell is their dirt digger shifters. These are great for off-roading because they don’t require you to use your feet to shift, which means that you can use both hands for operating other vehicle functions like throttling up and using the brakes.

2. Camo Seat Covers

For any off-roader who wants to add a little flair to their ride and not stick out like a sore thumb, camo seat covers are what they need. Camo seat covers help you blend into your surroundings so that other drivers or animals won’t easily spot you!

3. Custom Bumper

Custom bumpers go over your original bumper and give it a more off-roader look. In addition, they protect the original bumper from wear and tear if you scrape your car by a tree or a rock.

4. Bug Shield

Bug shields are what they sound like- a shield that protects your front end from bugs and other small debris. It is beneficial for off-roading since lots of stuff can get kicked up into the air by the tires.

While bug shields are mostly just aesthetic, you can also find versions that have built-in lights and windshield wipers!

5. Engine Guards

Engine guards are pretty self-explanatory. They are covers for the engine, block off the fan from other parts of the car, and protect it from damage. These are especially useful if you roll over because they protect you from any broken parts of your engine that might come flying out.

6. Can-Am Xtreme Pro Winch

A can-am winch is just a little gadget to help pull you out of something if you get stuck! However, these winches usually double as flood lights as well and can be used to tow other smaller vehicles with your Maverick.

7. Headlight Guard

A headlight guard is a great accessory, especially if you continually keep an off-road vehicle in the garage. They fit over your headlights and give them a custom look and are especially helpful for safety because it protects against bugs and sun glare that can be blinding to driving at night or in cloudy conditions.

8. Skid Plates

Skid plates are another engine guard that protects your car from getting scratched by rocks or other debris while driving on dirt roads or trails.

9. Specialized Lights

Several lights are helpful for off-roading and can be installed on your Maverick for better road visibility. One such light is the backup light which helps you know when to back up during a nighttime excursion. Another helpful light is a rock light, which attaches to your vehicle and lets you spot rocks in front of the car.

10. Electric Fans

Most off-road vehicles need to run at a high temperature to avoid overheating and wearing out their engine and radiator. Unfortunately, however, some of these machines get so hot while off-roading that they can even overheat and stop working! No worries, though; finding a solution to this problem is possible. One such product is an electric fan that will cool the engine down faster than the standard car heater.

The Bottom Line

Can Am Maverick accessories are a must for any off-road fan. They protect your car from wear and tear, which can be especially dangerous during extended trips through rough terrain conditions like desert trails. The Maverick can-am is a prevalent model of an off-roader that continues to grow in popularity as time goes on. It is not only due to their versatility and adjustability but because they have many accessories available.

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