The Big Brands In The Music Production Industry

The music production industry is a booming business. With the rise of digital downloads, streaming services, and YouTube videos, it’s never been easier to be an up-and-coming producer. But with this rapid growth comes competition – as more producers enter the market, many struggles to find their niche in this competitive business.

What are some things you should do if you want your brand to stand out? Let’s get to know more of the five well-known music production brands that have done just that. Since music is a language everyone can connect to, surefire and innovative marketing strategies are needed to differentiate oneself from others.

Must-Checked Popular Music Brands

Ever since we can remember, music has been a part of our life. It’s that very existence and a unique approach to how we embrace and redefine what a piece of good music is. Whether a professional player or a newbie who wants to conquer the world, there are a few that will surely ring the bell when you hear of it.

Music producers will surely agree that the best music comes from the best brands. For instance, if you’re searching for the perfect audio interface, this comparison of the finest quality interface will help you decide on the right choice. Though everyone has their personal preference, it’s worth checking what your options are.

Other widely known brands include:


When it comes to diverse and high-quality musical instruments, Yamaha is one of the most credible names. The brand’s professional line of pianos and keyboards has been a staple in music studios for decades because of its quality features and reliability.

As musicians know well when performing or recording an instrument with your keyboard controller, there are many factors to consider, such as its key size and velocity sensor sensitivity, so make sure that you have everything sorted out before hitting the record button.


The name Gibson is synonymous with guitars. They have been making electric and acoustic instruments since 1902, but it was in the 1940s that they hit their stride. So if you are looking for a guitar full of history and elegance, Gibson has what you need.

Gibson guitars are among the most recognizable on earth – thanks to their unique appearance and sound, some of the world’s top musicians have used them in live performances (including Les Paul) or recording sessions. Gibsons were played by The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, and others who helped make music history over many decades.

Harman Professional

There are many big names in the production industry, but Harman does not get a lot of press. They’ve been doing this since 1973 and have grown to be an established name synonymous with high-quality gear for any professional audio application you can think of.


Fender is one of the most widely recognized names in guitar manufacturing. They’ve been doing this since 1946 and have expanded to create amps, drums, bass guitars, mandolins, and more for every level, from amateurs up to professionals.

Along with their acoustic instruments, they also produce a wide range of electric models, including Stratocasters (their original design), Telecasters, Jazzmasters, Jaguars, and amplifiers under the Bassman name.


This leading distributor and manufacturer of musical instruments are the first to produce an electronic drum kit. For decades, Roland has also been a force in synthesizers and digital pianos, with pioneering models like the JUPITER-80 and D110.


This German company has one of the most respected make-ups in consumer electronics and entertainment products. Their leading brands include headphones, microphones, amplifiers, wireless audio systems, and digital interface technologies.


When it comes to audio products, Shure is the go-to company. They have been making microphones for nearly a century and other high-quality audio products since 1925.

Marshall Amplification Ltd.

Marshall is a leading brand that produces guitar amplifiers and other musical electronics. This company has been around for more than 50 years and is responsible for some of the most iconic guitar amps ever made.


Founded in 1946, Sony has a long history as one of the biggest electronics manufacturers on earth, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The company now sells everything from TVs to cameras to gaming consoles. With such an expansive product line, it’s no wonder they are so well-known globally.

The Biggest Music Company In The World?

With the popular brands worldwide, it’s no surprise that popular record labels continue to dominate the music industry and provide us with the best of the best.

This is a list of some of the most popular brands in music production:

● Universal Music Group

Besides popularity, Universal Music Group is also the largest record company in the world. It was established as a subsidiary of Universal Studios, Inc., and has been considered one of the “big four” since 1996 when PolyGram merged with MCA to form what we know today.

● Sony Music Entertainment

The Sony Music Entertainment Company started by selling records from an ice-cream truck before it became popular enough to be known worldwide as they are now. With over 200 artists on their label, such as Beyonce Knowles or Taylor Swift, this company grows in popularity each day.

● WMG – Warner Brothers Records (Warner)

WMG stands for Warner Bros Records, which continued building its empire after acquiring Elektra Records in 1970, becoming the most significant record company.

● BMG – Bertelsmann Music Group

Founded in 1887 as a music publishing house by Carl von Siemens and his partner Ludwig A. Riese, BMG has continued to grow its artist roster from Simon & Garfunkel to The Black Eyed Peas.


The EMI Group was created in 1931 as the Electric and Musical Industries Limited (EMI); this company continues to bring us some of our favorite musicians such as Queen or Adele.

Final words

There’s more to discover and explore in the music industry and what makes it so popular. These are just a few of the most popular brands that continue to dominate our world by bringing us some of your favorite musicians today.

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